Tuesday, April 17, 2007

confession #1 - I really am tired

Since becoming a mom, I always seem to be tired.
There are quite a few reasons I am tired.
I need more sleep.
I need more exercise.
I'm pretty sure I don't get the required amount of calcium needed on a daily basis.
But mostly I think I am tired because I birthed three very large children in the past 6 years.
Before children, people told me (they could have been lying) that I looked young. No one says that anymore. Unless they are 80.
Since the birthing years began, I am almost certain that I am looking my age.
I have a theory that people don't really start looking older until they have little people running circles around them.
I met a new friend at a writer's conference last week. She has beautiful eyes, dewy sun kissed skin with a smattering of freckles, a wide grin and a great laugh. So fun. She is single, with no kids, I thought she was 20. I asked her age, thinking she could of been one of the kids in our old youth group.
She said,"35."
"Get out!" I said.
We laughed. But really I meant it. Really.... just get out of here. Because some things are not fair. And my Youthful Essence by Susan Lucci face regimen has definitely not kicked in yet - I thought maybe it was working but, no, it is not. I'll give Susan a few more weeks to come through, but really, that whole encounter was quite hurtful.
I am young on the inside believe me, but things on the outside are not quite the same.
Just yesterday I was pulling at my neck, for no reason in particular, while looking in the mirror and a small crease of skin seemed reluctant to return to its normal place.
I was shocked. At my neck. Why in the world would my neck skin want to stay pooching out and not want to return to its normal place of rest?
There can only be one reason....
since the children arrived even my skin is tired.


clements family said...

You know how I always laugh out loud when you read your stuff to me over the phone? I was doing that at my computer this morning as I read! You rock!

CAMFOTH said...

sue, i love this. it made me laugh. for the first time a month ago i looked at myself in the mirror and thought you are a different person. where did those eye wrinkles come from? that moment i almost ran to the store to buy wrinkle cream but i couldn't take the leap. what is the point of staying out of the sun now for 10 years if this is going to happen! my children have given me wrinkles too and i am exhausted. i love your writings! love, traci

mowallace said...

I too thought I was young on the inside even if my outside was starting to show some ware.
But alas...every teenage boy I have seen in the past two months is in desperate need of a hair cut and what are those teenage girls wearing??? Do their parents know they go out like that???
AUGH-I sound like my mother! My insides are getting as old as my outsides.

susanna said...

I love you guys! Thanks for reading and encouraging me! Sue

Leslie said...

You know you're old when you're in your child's face reprimanding her for something and she says, "Mommy, what are those crinkly things beside your eyes?" How did this happen? Weren't we just running around behind Burnett or something? I swear that was just yesterday.

Paula said...

Yeah! I'm no longer the only member of the "Neck Wrinkle Club!" Welcome, my friend and enter the new world of "no one, but us, cares about the wrinkles anyway" Your writing takes me back in time. Thanks for reviving the memories. Love Paula