Friday, May 18, 2007

gloss me

A while ago my cousin Gretchen came over
with her 3 boys.
That makes 6 boys ages 7 and under.
We managed to squeeze in a bit of chatting
and a cup of tea.
And a lot of referree-ing of car play, sharing toys,
and yelling out,
"Be careful!" and "Don't stab at each other!" and
"I don't care if it's a light saber!"
Things like that.
Lots of testosterone with 6 little boys.
Every once in a while we need an estrogen fix.
That's why we drink tea and buy hair clips.
And Gretch, being the fantastic cousin that she is,
brought me a special treat.
Lip gloss. Shiny. Pearly. Girly.
And it tastes like mint.
It actually freshens your breath
so you feel sassy and like you have good dental hygiene,
all at the same time.
It's a win-win gloss.
We're thankful God gave us our boys.
We love our boys.
We love them so much we could eat them up with a spoon.
But we do like being girls.
And nothing makes you feel more feminine than shimmery lips.
So on extra-testosterone-laden-alpha-dog-male-dominated-days,
we're thankful for minty lip gloss, too.

Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine


upwords said...

Love it! I'm going to check it out.

susanna said...

You will be excited by the minty freshness - it may even be better than bonne bell! :) Even the fat strawberry bonne bell! :)

julie said...

I love that particular gloss! It is truly fab. It's the little things that just make your day, isn't it?

Matt got me a lip gloss for Christmas last year that I loved so much I used it all up and asked him for more when he visited recently. (He bought me more lip gloss AND shower gel! He's the best.)

The gloss is Orange Blossom L'Occitane. It smells orangy, tastes yummy and is glossy with the tiniest bit of shimmer. I highly recommend it for any non-minty days.

susanna said...

I'll have to try the orange. I love l'occitane's lemon verbena soap - so I'm sure I would love the gloss. Thanks for the tip, Juj!