Monday, May 21, 2007

yet another exciting Sunday

I got to go to this conference this weekend.
I'm not usually a women's conference goer.
I usually think of women my mom's age going to women's conferences.
But I went. And it was fantastic.
One of those exhilirating times,
when you feel that God is more than real and loves you
even though he sees you for who you are and knows all your junk.
I called my sister, Jenny, and made her come, too.
I came home and told Scott...maybe my circumstances aren't changing
but I feel like I am changing.
It has been a post-partum year. A hard year.
Where you feel dry and sad and pitiful
and even shopping doesn't make it better.
So me changing - that's a good thing.
And I was excited to see what Sunday morning would hold.
Then somehow I got locked out of my bathroom.
People would soon be arriving.
We have house church. Which is a cool thing.
Until your bangs dry into an upside down "v" on your forehead
and your hairdryer is locked in the bathroom
and your husband can't look you in the eye
because you look exactly like that guy, Dwight, from The Office.
This was me on Sunday except the back of my hair is longer.

But Scott, resourceful man that he is, got on the phone to Brett, our
brother-in-law, who talked us through Unlock Door 101.
All was saved. Just minutes before people arrived.
And so I am thankful. And I can honestly say...
Both at the conference and on another frantic Sunday morning
God came through.


Leslie said...

Are you trying to say you had a Dwight Mullet?

clements family said...

Was your camera locked in the bathroom too? Because I think we, your fans, would have appreciated a picture of that!

susanna said...

Not quite a mullet, Leslie, although that would have been a nice look. I guess I should have said my hair is longer on the sides, too. And no, Erica, that is one picture that need never be seen ...especially after Scott's retinas were seared when when he looked at me.

Leslie said...

1. I have to agree with Erica. Its time for pictures.

2. Got your message...and yeah, baby! I wanna know if you were working a mullet. Ain't no shame in the mullet. Its all business in the front and a party in the back! I've been trying to get Josh to grow one, but so far, no luck.

Jekissa said...

Sue- Hilarious as usual! I can't wait to see you (with blow dried hair of course!)

susanna said...

All business in the front and party in the back! That made me laugh outloud. That is beautiful!
I can't wait to see you, too, Jess! Only a few days! It'll be fun!