Friday, June 1, 2007

the mind of a 6 year old boy is a curious thing

What goes on in the mind of a 6 year old boy named Jack?
If you are a 6 year old boy named Jack your mind is filled with
thoughts of building legos and the lego star wars video game,
thoughts of playing freeze tag with neighbor kids,
thoughts of tormenting younger brothers and eating yummy snacks,
but apparently when it comes to toilets,
there is not a whole lot of thinking going on.
There is the occasional struggle
to get what is supposed to go into the toilet - actually into the toilet.
One must pay attention to lids, seats and
the actual circumference of the bowl.
Apparently, this is harder than it looks.
And then there is the putting of things in the toilet that do
not actually belong in the toilet.
Like socks.
And what is the thought process of putting socks into the toilet?
Apparently, when one flings a sock upward into the bathroom sky,
it sometimes lands in the toilet.
And then if you are Jack, you remember, you have been told on
various occasions, definitely, do not put your hands in the toilet.
And then you think to yourself, you don't want to leave the
other sock out so you throw it in to join its partner.
And then you think you must get rid of the evidence that you have been
putting socks in the toilet in the first place.
So you flush.
And then your mother goes to clean the toilet and it won't flush.
So you confess, because above all things, you are honest.
And then you are scared because your mother shrieks violently,
turns different colors and babbles incoherently about plummers,
company coming and having only one toilet.
And then you are in bed at 6:30 and very sad
and you know that if you had the chance to go back,
you would think more carefully about toilets and putting socks in them.
These are some of the thoughts that go on in the 6 year old boy's mind.
And then mostly, you think you are very glad that you have an
Uncle Brett who knows how to fix toilets
that have had socks flushed down them.
Because now, maybe, your mom's face will go back to normal
and you can go back to thinking about the things that really matter.
Like legos and stuff.


Jekissa said...

Seriously Sue, I'm laughing out loud reading this!! Because I'm right there with you. Because boys are so...boys! Because if we don't laugh, we will cry. :) Keep on keepin' on (with or w/o socks)

susanna said...

You live the same life I do, Jess! :) And I did cry when the plummer told me it would cost $375 to come out and snake my toilet. Thank God for Brett! :) I'm keepin' on...but the boys now have to pee with the door open so I can make sure that all is well in the bathroom! :)

upwords said...

God bless sweet Jack and his uncle Brett! LOL Why do they throw in the mate, Lord? WHY? hee hee