Friday, June 29, 2007

the start of a dream

The other day Will came in and sat by me on the hearth.
He held his mini blue guitar in his hands.
Looking up with a serious gleam in his eye, he asked,
"Mom, when I grow up can I be a rock star?"
"Is that what you want to be?"
I thought about it for a moment.
Growing up as a preacher's kid,
it is almost his destiny to be a rock star, isn't it?
I squeezed him and said,"Anything is possible."
And I know it to be true,
because last night I found out that my first book,
Confessions of a Tired Supergirl,
is going to be published in January 2009.
It is a dream that I have chased,
a bit awkwardly but with great hope for 9 years.
I have written since I was a kid.
Stories. Poems. Love letters. Fiction. Kids books.
It has been a long road chasing this authoring dream.
So last night we piled the kids in the car,
at 8:00, when they should just be tumbling into bed,
and went to an outdoor cafe for
a celebratory hot chocolate and thick wedge of chocolate cake,
because dreams aren't realized everyday,
and when they are, you forget bed time
and you head out for as much chocolate as you can!
And then you take pictures,
so you don't ever forget that moment of joy,
for the rest of your life.

And then you thank Jesus over and over and over,
for giving you the desire of your heart.
And then in the words of my sister Jenny, you say,
"So very fun."
And it is.


susanna said...

when i like what you said about will as a you now what can i have one of those to:-)

susanna said...

Thanks Jack for always encouraging me. I love you! Mom

Michael said...

Hey Susanna, congrats on the book deal. You're an awesome person and will do great. :) I believe you can fly ;)

Michael said...

FYI great blog... doesn't really apply to me but still great blog. Well written.

JenDavis said...


I am so excited for you! You INSPIRE me! I cannot wait to read your book. YOUR BOOK!!!!! Can you believe it???

Jennifer Davis
Sister Supergirl - Extra tired

clements family said...

YOU ROCK!! Always have...always will...with or without the book deal! But we are so proud and happy for you. Can't wait to buy a bunch and pass them out to my friends!
Love, Erica

upwords said...

YEAAAAAHHHHHH! So happy for you and your family. Love the news. Love the pic.


Lora said...

I'm so happy about the book, Sue! I can't wait to read it. And so happy for this exciting moment in the middle of a super tired phase of life! You've worked so hard - you deserve it!


Renee said...

This is SOOOOO coool!!! I just about cried when I read your email and saw this because I remember that exact moment when I found out Gudio and Izzy were going to be published --after 20 years of dreaming about it! I was shopping in Ross when the phone call came. And we went out to celebrate--but I forgot to get a picture, so I'm so glad you did that! I am so happy for you!!! Ain't God good?!!!Love Renee with two EE's.

susanna said...

Thank you, guys! Thanks for being excited with me! It makes it so much better, so much more fun to share this with friends! Thanks for all the love! :) Sue

Josh Karrer said...

That Great. It's amazing how often we question Gods timing and viola it comes when we least expect it. Happy for you and the fam.

nina.schmidgall said...

Aaaaaahhhhhh! When I read the line about being published, I had to stop, mute the TV, back up and read again...praying it was true and I hadn't misunderstood. Sue, I am so excited for you and so proud! Yay, yay, YAY!

julie said...

Congratulations, Suz!! I guess part of being a supergirl means never giving up. Beautiful picture too.

Much love to you all.

Leslie said...

So proud of you! Texas loves you!!

Jekissa said...

WOOOOHOOOOO!! I'm so happy for you! I cannot wait to read your book! We are going to have to plan another cousin party to celebrate!! Congratulations on the realization of a dream!
Love- Jess

Myott said...

word........God Speed

scott aughtmon said...

it's amazing how we question god's timeing. i. am so happy for you i am so proud of you i am so happy i cannot wait to reed your book.. mom you rock!!!! congrats on the book deal ;-) fyl great blog :-) cool = you. you in'spire me. love the news you deserve it!!! you are going to be published--after 20 year's of work yay!yay!yay!!! and beautiful picture too. wooohooooo!! god speed

scott aughtmon said...

thanks for the recap! You are the best! Thanks for encouraging me!love, Mom

emilymr said...

WOOHOOO!!!!! Great news, yay Sue!! :)

Cari said...


I am so proud of you!!!! Congratulations. I remember you talking about your dream at Harbor and in the Bethany dorms!!!!! And I love the family picture!!! Can't wait to read the book!!!!! I got your site from Kim Dowdy and so thankful I did.
Love ya,
Cari (Dunn) Brown