Monday, July 30, 2007

a little estrogen please

I have mentioned I am surrounded by males.
3 little boys and 1 large one.
All filled with testerone.
Last night, Jack, Will and Scott camped out
on the floor in our screened in patio room.
I could hear their giggles and rough housing through my window.
Fun was had. Secrets were revealed.
Scott posted about Will's booger confession in his latest blog.
Apparently, in lieu of tissue, Will has been wiping his nose elsewhere.
And honestly, I really don't want to know where.
Not that I'm totally prissy. I don't do ruffles.
I can wrestle with the best of them. I like water fights.
I scare my boys playing hide and seek. All of that.
But the general grossness, that is embraced in my house,
that is where I draw the line.
That is when I want go to my happy place.
A place where people wash their hands without being told
and know how to use a box of kleenex.
A place where there is laughter
without references of an unseemly nature.
A place where it smells nice
and everyone remembers to put their clothes on.
Is that too much to ask?
I'm going to make myself a cup of tea in protest.
That'll show 'em.


upwords said...

Booger confessions are always such a shock, aren't they? I just sit and stare. LOL

susanna said...

ikes jack