Saturday, July 7, 2007

small victories

I've been thinking about small victories lately.
Mother Theresa once said,
"You can do no great things, just small things with great love."
I tend to get overwhelmed by the largeness of life
in comparison with the smallness of my abilities.
I don't seem to have the tool that breaks down the big picture
into the moment-size morsels that I need to accomplish today.
So more often than not,
I feel I spend my day accomplishing nothing.
This could have something to do with the fact that every time
I wash a dish, pick up a toy, clean a room or cook a meal,
there is a small army of three working against me,
dirtying more dishes, flinging toys in all directions,
dismantling rooms and clamoring for the next meal.
But add to that my thoughts of
how do I grow my children properly,
maintain proper fat to muscle body ratio,
keep my marriage on the upswing,
be a woman who follows after God,
help Scott in growing our church,
contribute to the needs of the hungry children in the world,
stay current with technology and current events,
support my community,
tell people about Jesus with enthusiasm,
keep up with friends and family,
recycle, reduce, re-use and return,
tend my tomato plants and withering impatiens,
and still have time to pluck my eyebrows,
and I feel completely flattened by the immenseness of it all.
And I really do save my eyebrows for last, which I think has
caused some tension in the "marriage on the upswing" area.
So I am trying to take Mother Theresa's words to heart.
Because this small lady seemed to grasp
the meaning of the thought - "One thing at a time."
And she changed the world.
Maybe I can't accomplish my to-do-list tomorrow,
but I can do one or two things with a lot of love.
And I'm pretty sure, one of those things will be involving tweezers.


jessi said...

Oh, this gave me a much-needed giggle as I can so relate!! I too am mom of 4, wife of church planter (bi-vocational none-the-less - just to keep things interesting...), wanna-be writer, worshiper/pianist, church secretary (and any other job that happens to need to be done in the moment)...the list of hats goes on and can get me in a tail-spin!! Found your blog through a link on Mark Battersons and have really appreciated your light-hearted reflections. I plan to visit often!

Amy said...

Sue, as I was reading this post, I was thinking, "You mean I'm not the only one?" Thanks for posting it! I needed to hear it and it did make me giggle and nod along in agreement.

Jekissa said...

So true!! Especially the part about the eyebrows! I love reading your funny stories because I can always relate, but also I'm encouraged. I am challenged to focus on what is important and not get too bogged down by daily life. Thanks for that!!!!

susanna said...

It's good to know there are other people out there feeling the same way I do! :) Somehow it feels better to not be alone!

Jessi - I read your comment and thought - she lives my life - except she is braver than I am because she has one more kid than I do!:) Us church planter wives have got to stick together! :) Blessings on you!