Wednesday, August 29, 2007

baby boundaries

There is something to be said for little people.
They know their comfort zone
and will let you know if you are included in that.
Addison just turned 17 months and is going throug a new phase.
If he sees someone, anyone, getting too close,
he will immediately burst into tears.
This includes people he has seen on a somewhat regular basis.
He is currently re-defining his boundaries
and his inner circle is quite tiny.
He is not worried if you will be offended
or if you will like him anymore or if you feel the same way he does.
This is one of those awkward phases of parenting.
It feels a little uncomfortable when your child sees someone they know
and begins sobbing uncontrollably when they smile or try to say "hello".
One of our old youth kids came to visit.
While eating breakfast,
he had to keep his neck cocked at a 45 degree angle.
Addison was staring him down with the eagle eye and if Josh happened
to make eye contact, he would shriek with fear and begin sobbing.
I'm not sure Josh will be visiting again anytime soon.
On our vacation, Addison knew exactly who he felt comfortable with.
Confronted by unfamiliar people and strange surroundings,
he retreated to a place of high safety.
Mommy's knees.
There was a lot of weeping and diving for my legs.
And on my part, there was a lot of shuffling, since walking with
a toddler stuck your thighs is a bit inhibiting.
I believe he inherited this from me, since I remember
hearing similar stories about myself when I was on
vacation as a little one in Cape Hatteras.
Mom was the only one I would allow to hold me.
I think somewhere in my DNA there is a
or-who-you're-with-cling-to-mommy gene.
It is a bit wearying, all the clinging and high pitched wailing.
But I know like all other things, it is a season.
If Addie hits 15 and is still cluthching at my legs, that will be a problem.
But on the upside, I am on the receiving end of a lot of unforseen cuddles.
And as far as that goes, I'll take what I can get.


Jekissa said...

Sue- I'm so glad you had a good vacation and are now home to write more funny stories! I missed them while you were gone. We got to have lunch w/ Van and Erica Sunday. It was fun, but it would've been better if you had been there! - Jess

susanna said...

Thanks, Jess! It would have been fun to be with everyone-Erica said you guys had a blast!