Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the dark side

This is a 2 blog day.
remember how I said I might go dark with my hair?
When I said dark what I meant apparently was a
teensy weensy bit darker.
But the darker I pointed to on the color wheel of
hair color was DARK.
As in Morticia from the Adams family.
Okay, maybe not Morticia.
But I had to apply makeup because this new
color is going to require some blush and colored gloss.
I am definitely embracing my eastern European roots.
I think I look like Louise Schiebelhut, my great grandmother,
who was german but immigrated to America from Russia.
Actually, I think I look like a Russian spy.
Like at any moment I could pull a dagger from my diaper bag
or hurl myself from a play structure doing back flips.
I was thinking chocolate brown, go dark and playful for the
holiday season, and instead I got Russian spy.
Because tsgs, we are talking dark.
When I walked in the door, the boys looked frightened.
Will immediately said,
"I don't like it."
And Jack said,
"Awkward." Yes, he did. He is home from school today, sick.
But after a comment like that, he will be getting no extra pampering.
Scott told me he loved me no matter what.....
I think that means even though I look like a Russian spy.
I can't stop staring at myself in the mirror.
I don't hate it. It is a lovely chocolate brown color.
And yet for the last ten years I have been embracing blonde highlights.
It's going to take some getting used to.
So here it is. The photo you have been waiting for.
My spy pose....you know, I look like I should be wearing a white fur hat.
Susanka Aughtmonskova....Russian spy.....signing off.
Slava Bogu. ("God Bless You" in Russian.)


susanna said...

Fear the dark side!!! darth vader do not atack me... JACK

Beth said...

Sue, I love it! I think it makes your eyes look beautiful. Max doesn't like my dark hair much either:)

Leslie said...

I love it! I think it makes you look very sophisticated. Although that little thing you're doing with your hands looks like the Shprockets Dance from SNL. You look like a Super Babe! LesP

Aly said...

i love it...it looks very good...you should try the white hat see what it looks like :)
love you lots

julie said...

Love it!!

You've got a wonderful "look" going with the dark hair, fabulous eyes and berry lips. Awesome.

Jekissa said...

What is it with boys? They either don't notice you've changed your hair or they don't like the change!! Oh well...all of us girls think you look fabulous!

susanna said...

Thanks for the hair encouragement, sisters! :) I still get a shock when I catch sight of myself in the mirror but it is growing on me! Sue

Shane said...

can I be a tsg (tired super guy)? I watch three kids and do laundry every Monday...?

susanna said...

You can definitely be a tired super guy. I only have high praise for any man who does laundry! Sue