Friday, November 30, 2007

callie - edited

I know it is either hideously late or horrendously early to be
writing at 1:56 in the am Friday morning.
We just got back from a trip to Sacramento and my mind is
racing so I thought I would spend my thoughts on you, tsgs.
Sometimes we think we understand God.
And then other times we know, nope, not at all.
We don't get his timing, his outlook, the way he gets at things.
And yet, all we have is him. And of course, each other.
Which is why I am sending this post your way.
One thing about being a tired supergirl is that we know
there are perhaps other vast numbers of tired supergirls
populating the planet and we are not alone.
And while they may look different, use different hair products,
live in different areas of the world, we're pretty sure of two things.
We all like chocolate or some other form of sugary goodness,
and we love babies. Especially our babies.
Or the babies that are related to us.
We love them and want to squeeze their heads.
In a good way, of course.
And I think that people that love babies are the best people
to pray on their behalf.
So tonight (this morning), I am asking for around the world prayer,
for a wee little supergirl in the hospital here.
Her name is Callie.
She was born without an aorta.
The doctors said she wouldn't live past birth.
But she did. She is two.
They said she would be a vegetable.
But she isn't, she is a firecracker.
They said she wouldn't talk. But she does and she loves Dora.
She is sweet like sugar.
We met Callie and her parents, when Scott went to pray for her.
And tonight, she is in one of those critical moments when
the doctors are saying they do not know if Callie will make it.
She has a very sick bowel and if it does not begin to heal in
the next 36 hours, her chances at life are slim.
So we are asking that you pray for Callie.
Jesus said if two or three gather in his name, he is there.
And I believe that two or three, reading a blog, whispering prayers,
counts and Jesus hears us.
And I believe he can heal Callie.
I am thankful, in advance, for your prayers.
And so is Callie.

As of this evening, December 4th, 2007,
Callie's tissue in her intestines is healthy.
After a surgery where the doctors went in saying there was a
1% chance of finding healthy tissue and of Callie living,
and a 99% percent chance of finding dead tissue and Callie dying,
they came out saying she will live. They don't know how it happened.
They can't explain it. Things like this just don't happen.
But she will live. It is a miracle. Plain and simple.
Jesus heard the thousands of prayers that went up for
this sweet baby and he answered them.
Jesus breathed life into that which was dead.
She will have to have another corrective surgery in 3 months
but tonight she is with her mom and dad.
Pray for an eventless recovery and that she will be able to go home soon.
Thank you for your prayers on her behalf.


Leslie said...

praying for little Callie and her family


Anissa said...

Praying for Callie

Leslie said...

Definitely praying. Please keep us updated.

julie said...

We are praying too!

Marty said...

We are praying!

Jodie said...

I'm praying for this sweet puddin' too.

(- and I love your blog)

susanna said...

Hey, everyone! Callie is still hanging in there which is no less than a miracle. At one point on Friday, they told her parents she would probably die within the hour. And somehow she stabilized. The doctors can't figure it out. But I would say, it was and is because of God's hand upon Callie. Thanks for praying for a little one you don't know - keep it up! Sue

deezmath said...

Just got this tonight...praising God that she's held on miraculously this long.

Father, You know the plans You have for us, plans to give us hope and a future and You have those same hopes and plans for Callie... please, in Your grace and mercy, do Your will in Callie's life and heal her precious little body for Your glory and majesty. In Jesus' name, AMEN.