Monday, November 5, 2007

the sparkly will of God

The other day Erica called me to see if I had read boomama.
She is an absolutely HILARIOUS writer who loves Jesus,
her little boy, diet coke, High School Musical 2 and all things sparkly.
My favorite line in her post about trying to resist the
urge to buy an electric blue sequined dress was,
I’m just seeking God’s will, people. God’s fun, funky and sparkly will.
Now Erica and I were saying, we had never before realized
that God had a fun, funky and sparkly will.
But of course he does.
He made chocolate (fun), the platypus (funky), and diamonds (sparkly).
He also made snowflakes, icicles, and semi-precious stones.
(sparkly, sparkly, sparkly!)
So I began to think about what his sparkly will for me might be.
I think maybe it could be some
sparkly mercury glass candle holders for my mantle,

or a trip to the sparkly waters of Hawaii,

or this dress,

which is not so much sparkly as shiny,
but I believe those words belong to the same adjective family.
I do not know where I would wear the dress but I would like to have it
in my closet so I could visit it and try it on
and enjoy it in all of its shiny taffeta deliciousness.
Or maybe it is God's sparkly will that I would weed in my back yard,
and that I myself would be sparkly with all that sweat from hard labor.
I've got some serious weeds, people.
More than likely, his sparkly will is
that I look after my sons who have caught the croup
and whose runny noses tend to sparkle in the light.
So many sparkly options.
I have some tissue in hand...and some garden gloves but I would be more
than willing to splurge on some 50 spf suntan lotion,
if God chooses to go with Hawaii. Yes, I would.
We can always hope, tsgs. We can always hope.


Beth said...

Sue, I love the idea that God has a "sparkly will". You have enlightened me yet again! I love that. Beth

BooMama said...

I love it! :-)

julie said...

I always wonderered why I was left with the impression that God's will is dusty and choking and horribly imposing on my natural instincts. I mean, if He made me and I am fun and spirited - then He must be fun and spirited. And sparkly. So, AMEN! Tell it Sue.


Amy said...

What a great, fun post!

Leslie said...

Really cute dress...

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Why of course!!! You girls are brilliant!! and I mean that in a sparkly way! (Why won't FireFox let me spell it that way?)

Don't we sing, "All things bright and beautiful?" I bet then were thinking -- all things sparkly... but it didn't flow so well...