Wednesday, December 12, 2007

happy 100th post sparkle-mint i love my friend giveaway

This is the official 100th post of confessions of a tired supergirl.
Can you believe it? Me neither.
And so on this hallowed auspicious occasion
and in the spirit of Christmas- because I love Christmas
I am hosting a giveaway full of sparkly and minty goodness.
A box of the highly revered Candy Cane Joe Joe's,
(the trader joe's cookies of the gods)
A squeezy tube of my favorite mentha lip shine except - frosty style,
(mint-infused for fresh breath and with a hint of holiday
iridescence for festive looking says so on the tube)
A larger squeezy tube of holiday mint foot cream
(Do we not love Target's dollar section? Yes, we do, tsgs)
And last but not least some oh so glittery dazzling snowflake ornaments
(plastic, of course, so you need not fear your children shattering them.)

And the I love my friend part is that you get to nominate
someone you love to get this mint lovers giveaway.
Just put your favorite tired superfriend's name in the comments and
tell why you think she should be the one to receive this bundle
of peppermint holiday cheer in the mail.
Could anything be more fun than giving your friend a gift she
doesn't the mail?
Do we not all love mail? At least, any mail that is not bills?
This giveaway will be open until Friday night, December 14th, 11:59 p.m.
The winner will be picked at random and then the nominator
will be asked to e-mail me the nominatee's address.
So she can get her sparkly surprise.
Oh, it will be a merry Christmas! Yes, it will.

ps your friend must not live in the sahara or other parts unknown
to the United States.....Santa only delivers minty goods in country.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my!!! Isn't mint a cure for everything? LOL Please enter moi!!!

Leslie said...

My bf Laura would be very deserving of your tsgenerosity. She is tsg who works full time at a local ministry and takes care of her 6 year old with epilepsy. Her daughter just started a new diet which has really good results for kids with her form of epilepsy but it is very stringent (i.e. hard on mom). Thanks for the chance to brighten the day of a tsg!


Meg said...

I nominate my ts friend and birth-buddy Beth! She takes care of her sweet, nearly one-year-old baby boy, nannies for another one year old, and is a church planter with her husband Josh! Send the sparkly goodness to the fellow church planter!

Bets said...

I nominate my very favorite tsg, my sister and chumford, Jessi. She loves all that is minty and sparkly and would love this gift. But more importantly she absolutely deserves a blessing of minty goodness; as she homeschools 3 of her 4 precious children, demonstrates grace as she deals with our widowed and very stressed mother, and ministers faithfully beside her husband in their church plant - she is a blessing to me every day! I'd love for her to win this!

Jessi said...

My dear sis(Betsy) nominated me, and it's only fair that in turn I nominate her... I can't imagine how much more tired this tsg would be without her! She's my biggest cheerleader, bestest friend, and puts up with a lot from me - and loves me anyway! (And all that's in addition to be the coolest, funnest mom of 3 adorable girls! Just ask my kids - she's way more exciting than me...) - and she does it all in an ever-shrinking trailer while they wait for their new home to be a reality. She really does deserve all things wonderful this Christmas.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Happy 100th post, Susanna! I'm a new reader, and I'm thrilled you're sticking with it. Your writing style is wry, easy to read and encouraging.

I'll nominate a non-blogging friend -- my college roommate Angie. She would adore all of those products, and seeing as she has three children, six and under, I know she could use the pampering.

Plus, she's generous about sharing her cookies with me. ;-)

Frazzmom said...

I nominate my blogging BFF and tsg Llama Momma. As a mom to three under the age of 6- she could definately use a little extra Christmas cheer!

She is also a huge fan of the peppermint Jo-Jo!

Jessi said...

OOPS!! Major sister Betsy has 4 girls - ALL adorable!!! That's really bad...

Amy said...

I have two wonderful email pals I would like to nominate. Both are stay at home moms, but are never home-very involved in their church and families.

Paula said...

I would like to nominate you sue! Since I know that you would not accept the nomination I nominate Lindsey. She is the best and deserves the pampering.

Shane said...

This tired Superguy nominates his tired Supergirl wife. She juggles three kids 5 and under, takes care of me (reason enough to win right there), is a pastor's wife, counsels her clients (a very emotionally draining job), and is currently studying her brains out for her second therapists licensing test which she takes on Saturday, so she is stressed to the hilt, though she doesn't show it. Plus, she would be the first to say she doesn't deserve it, but I think she does. I nominate my beautiful bride, Marty.

deezmath said...

I'd like to post my friend, Dina Andren who is suffering thru this freezing weather in New York. She just had open heart surgery this year and is relying on God for her strength to take care of her 1 1/2 year old daughter Grace and her husband all while trying to juggle work, laundry, diapers, etc.

deezmath said...

I mean I'd like to NOMINATE my friend...not post her. sheesh. I guess this tsg really IS tired!

Kimberly said...

I love friend fun! I nominate my bff Cheri. I love her and appreciate her and would enter her in anything that could bless her life. :) Thanks Sue, and congratulations to you on your 100th post. You go girl!

Anissa said...

I nominate my fellow tsg, best friend and non-blogging sister Alisha. She is raising three children, 9 and under, one of which is from her husband previous relationship and trying to figure out Christianity while supporting a non-Christian husband. She is a worker and a giver who would do anything for anyone. She didn't know the Lord when she got married and is now living with those consequences. She could really use some awesome Christian encouragement and a gift like this would be amazing. I think she is amazing and know that you would too.

Little Do said...

Congrats on the 100th're well on your way to blogger stardom!

I'm nominating my best friend/ accountability partner Amy. Her and husband just welcomed their third child and are preparing for the mission field overseas. They recently moved to Colorado away from their family and friends so some sparkly, yummy treats is just what Santa ordered.

Lindsey said...

love love love the minty goodness.

i nominate my friend Tina who got hit by two different cars this month--yikes! She needs some refreshment.