Tuesday, December 4, 2007

one of THOSE days

So I woke up this morning with a kink in my neck.
And when I say "kink" I mean, I have to keep my head cocked
at a stationary 45 degree angle, in order to keep from yelling out in pain.
Today was my day to sub in Will's class for one of the helpers.
It is very difficult to watch 20 four year olds while having a kinked neck...
they are quick little whippersnappers.
Lucky for me it rained today, if I had had to watch
them on the playground, I would have been a gonner.
It has been one of those days in general, tsgs.
One of those can-we-just-be-done-with-it-already days,
where the stress seems to gather in that trapezoidal area
right between your shoulder blades.
The "kink" is just the stressful cherry on top.
You never realize how much you enjoy turning your head quickly,
with speed and precision until you can't turn your head quickly,
with speed and precision.
Rapid head turning is one of those under appreciated gifts in life.
Several times today the children have done things that have
caused me to snap my head very quickly.
Loud noises. Fighting. Crying.
Addison falling into the tub, fully clothed, in footie pjs.
The children just do not understand that when one's
mother has a "kink", they must be on their best behavior.
Scott tried to help explain this to them, using Star Wars lingo.
He created a "kink-in-the-neck" word picture.
"Imagine Mommy is like C-3PO. She can only turn from side to side,
like this...Master Luke, where are you, Master Luke?"
They thought this was hysterical.
Me? Not so much. Even now as Scott came to ask me a question,
it took me a full minute to rotate around to look at him in the doorway.
By then, he was in the other room.
I'm off to self medicate with a cup of tea, a piece of chocolate
and a shot of Nyquil.
Things can only get better from here on out.


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Ohhhhh man alive. How incredibly irritating those kinks are!! I'm so sorry!!

I've got no home remedy either... wish I did. I'd share it with ya!

So instead -- I'll pray for you. How does that sound?

Kelly @ Love Well said...

The neck-kink is an endless source of irritation to me as well. (Although I think I might have busted a gut laughing at your husband. Having a kink is exactly like being C3PO. He nailed it.)

I've found those self-heating pads that stick on your skin with adhesive help a little. They are really neat-o.

But overall, it's best just to go to bed and hope it works itself out overnight.

Hope you're better today!

kevin said...

The instructions for my post back surgery is to keep your ears, sholders, and hips in a straight line. In other words, don't twist your spine around--move your whole body in a straight, consistance motion. But more importantly, with my post-op prescriptions I have a few pills that work much better than tea, chocolate, and Nyquil. I can hook you up. :-)

deezmath said...
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deezmath said...

Oh, yes...we are getting old, aren't we? sheesh...it sucks.

Thinking that a heating pad is the trick...I could never get those adhesive pads to stick properly to what they were supposed to. Are you s'posed to stick them to your skin or the clothing around where the pain is or on the chair you're sitting in?!? What?? Besides, knowing your luck, it would prob'ly stick to those teensy, tiny little sensitive baby hairs at the base of your neck and that would add insult to injury, 'cause then Scott would have to come and cut the stupid thing off of you making C3PO comments the whole time (I imagine) and then the whole thing would turn even worse 'cause then you'd have little spiky cut-off hairs at the base of your neck. Now, not saying that it wouldn't make a funny blog for us to enjoy at your expense, but I've had those spiky little hairs at the base of my neck (bad haircut-supercuts @ Bethany-long, painful story, suffice it to say that when I wore my hair up, people called me "White Andre"-if you need explanation on what that means, just e-mail me) and it's not pretty; I wouldn't wish that on anyone and you don't need that kinda pain. Especially, if, like me, you're a mom who wears her hair up most times 'cause you don't have time to do it all down and pretty. Am I right? I digress. Just don't do it...the hair cut or the adhesive, I can't remember where I was going w/ the start of this conversation. Too much Go Girl today, I think. lol

Well, I'm praying healing for you, tsg! I truly am. Healing and rest. God bless and may He change your day for you.

Jekissa said...

Sue- I'm sorry for your pain, but I'm laughing my head off!! Sometimes it must be unfortunate to have a husband with a quick wit. C3PO is really funny.

sandrab said...

You are too funny! Only you could turn a kink in the neck day into such a belly laugher! I have never thought about appreciating the ability to make quick head jerks.... but I am thankful now! (Sorry I am laughing at the expense of your pain.)

sandrab said...
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*jamela* said...

I surely know what you're going through!!Hang in there!

kwertz12 said...

I was just reading this post to my husband (as I am wont to do because whatever I find amusing, he will too of course), and he thought that I said you were watching 24-year-olds instead of 20 4-year-olds. He was very confused. And this amused me, and him too, of course! :)