Saturday, January 5, 2008

happy new year

Hopefully, there were very merry Christmas holidays for tsgs
everywhere this nativity season.
Our holiday was spent back east soaking up time with family and friends.
Some highlights....
watching our kiddos opening presents,
(nothing is better than kid joy on Christmas morning)
going to my cousin Jason's wedding,
(except for the part when I went to sit down on my chair
and really I just sat on my winter coat and some air
and ended up on my bahookie next to the chair looking up at
my cousin Julie...thanks for not laughing too hard, Julie),
eating my mom's big round pancakes
(kind of like crepes but oh so much better)
being with family and seeing my boys with their cousins,
visiting the DC monuments in 19 degree weather
(we discovered we only love Abraham Lincoln when it is that cold,
the other monuments got no love from us)
visiting the hospital Will was born at 3 years ago,
(Addison fell out of the crib and landed on his head,
we thought he had a concussion, but of course he was totally fine
Visiting ERs is a gifting our family has.
This time we got a $100 teddy bear with our co-pay.)
And biggest highlight ever....
remaining alive after landing in a crazy thunder storm yesterday.
I thought maybe I would start out the new year with Jesus.
Not just with him in my heart but with me actually being in heaven.
We Californians are not used to inclement weather.
Our city motto is Climate best by government test. For real.
We wouldn't joke about something like that.
But when the pilot asked the flight attendants to discontinue beverage
service and remain seated when we were still an hour out from SFO
we knew we would not be landing in sunny California.
I'm not so good with turbulence.
And apparently neither were the rest of the folks on the plane.
While I tried to keep Addison pre-occupied on my side of the aisle,
Scott attended Will who lost his lunch and then to Jack who followed suit
because he saw Will lose his lunch.
And then the flight attendants who were not supposed to be up WERE UP
trying to find more barf bags because there was
an epidemic of in flight lunch loss
and they were ill equipped to handle such an event.
I yelled across at Jack to throw up on his blanket
lest he throw up on himself. He got his shoes anyway.
By the time we landed the whole plane broke into applause.
Not for the pilot but because we were so very thankful we were alive.
Usually I have a gajillion things I want to do, change, make happen
as I round the corner on the new year.
But I think this year my resolution is this....
to keep my feet on the ground and be thankful I am alive.
It's a good one.


Christie's Corner said...

Oh my goodness, that flight sounds like a NIGHTMARE. Glad you made it through and I hope you never have to endure that again! I think this is my first comment here. me-moddy told me about you. She is a friend here in Missouri. Have been enjoying your blog for several months. Keep it up!

julie said...

I have to confess that I giggled a bit when I read this entry. Uh, but not about the plane thing...that sounds awful! Chris would have been puking all over himself too like Jack and Will.

I giggled at the falling off the chair part. The whole thing happened so quickly - we were chatting and you suddenly slid off the chair and I was still talking and you were now sitting on the floor.

Let me tell you - it takes class to get up that quickly and quietly, my dear.

It was so great to get to see you all!!

Leslie said...

I'm so sorry about your flight! Flying with kids - hard. Flying with turbulence - miserable. Flying with kids and turbulence...holy moley!!

On to the Big Rounds, though...yum! Barbie and I still talk about those. Pure goodness.