Thursday, January 10, 2008


Did you know that it really does hurt to get a tetanus shot?
I know this because I got one yesterday.
I stepped on a nail as I was pulling up wet carpet
in my flooded patio room.
So I called the nurse and said,
"Yes, I stepped on a nail so I need to come in for a tetanus shot."
And she said,"Are you bleeding? Do you need stitches?
Did you soak your foot? When was your last tetanus?"
And I said,"No. No. No. I don't remember."
And she said, "Let me transfer you."
So then I talked to another nurse, who questioned me further.
and then said something like,
"Well, what are you doing sitting on your sofa?
Do you want your jaw to start locking immediately?
You need to come in right away for a tetanus shot."
"Of course," I said. So I did.
The actual shot giving nurse was very kind.
When she heard that I had stepped on a nail,
She said,"Oh, Honey!"
Like she was very sad for me and my nail experience.
And that made me feel a bit weepy, all that loving sympathy.
Then she poked me, put on a tiny round band aid and sent me home.
When I got home I took some advil and for goodness sakes,
the children knocked into my shoulder 49 times in a row.
So I said, "Don't touch mommy's shoulder, she has an ouchie."
And then, they all had to look at it and poke it
and look at the drop of blood on the tiny round band aid.
And then I went to bed
and rolled over on my shoulder 49 times in the night,
each time waking up and thinking,"For goodness sakes,that smarts."
By the time I woke up this morning,
I was officially Miss Cranky Poopy Pants.
I yelled at my entire family and hounded Jack until he got into the car
for school. I was quite mean and nasty. Because of the shot, of course.
I had to apologize to four people and Jesus before I even had
my morning cup of coffee. Shots can do terrible things to people.
So then I took Addison in this morning for his 3 shots.
Which I have been putting off for months. I have been dreading it.
I hate holding the children down as they are pierced
and look at me with that you-are-a-traitor look.
The nurse gave the shots 1-2-3. I held him down. And Addison squirmed.
That's it. No whining. No tears. Nothing.
And he chatted happily all the way home in the car.
He ate his lunch with smiles. And played with his brother, Will.
And then he took his nap. After 3 shots.
Never once did he clutch at his legs or burst into tears.
So I have come to the obvious conclusion that tetanus is by far
the worst shot in the world. Even if someone has had 14 shots
of some other kind, tetanus is still worse.
And that is all I have to say about that.


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

OH me oh my!!

I'm so sorry -- I had NO idea that lock jaw was such a sudden thing... I think I'll have 8yo step on a nail sometime... his jaw needs... Oh never mind. I'd never get away with it.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Loved this post!

And you know, when I got my tetanus booster a few years ago, I remember thinking the exact same thing. "Dang! That little sucker hurt!" My arm ached for about 48 hours.

Frazzmom said...

Wow- you totally reminded me that I need to update my tetanus shot... I think I'll skip the stepping on the nail part and just go straight for the vaccine.

Thanks for the reminder!

Beth said...

I don't know how you read my mind...but you do! When I hear the things that go on inside your head and the way you react, I say, that's me...I would do that exact same thing. Thank you I love it and you!

Ronda said...

Sorry to hear about your nail and vaccine incident. I love reading your posts. They make me laugh and remember having small kids.

Jodie said...

Miss Cranky Poopy Pants!! That's hysterical! And I can so relate to those hounding, yelling, mean and nasty mornings (and evenings, or whathaveyou). And I haven't had a shot in years! But I do have 3 children 4 and under. Maybe I could use a shot... of nubaine or something, you know, like the kind they give when your kids come into the world. Why don't they continue that?...