Thursday, February 14, 2008

i heart valentine's day

I have always liked Valentine's Day.
I know for some people it celebrates romantic love, which is fun
if you feel romantic about someone...and vice versa.
For others they would simply like all the romantic people to stick it
in their ear....because if it is supposed to be about boys
and you don't have a boy...well, there is no use celebrating.
In fact, you may even want to sabotage other people's mushy celebrations...
not that you ever would because you are above that...
but you might want to.
For me it was never about boys, actually.
Because for most valentine's day's I was boy-less.
To me Valentine's Day was about conversation hearts,
cards for my friends, the colors pink and red and
of course, chocolate. Let us not forget the chocolate.
Growing up, my mom made valentine's day about us.
We were welcomed to dinner with little presents on our plates.
Is there anything better than a gift followed by dinner?
I don't think so.
So to me, Valentine's Day is really about loving the people
in your life...or the ones who give you presents - either way.
Yesterday, Jack informed me,
"Mom, I am no one's secret admirer. I admire no one."
Which is fine with me since I really don't want to be worrying about
my 6 year old being swept up in a love fest.
I'm thankful that he thinks girls are gross at this point.
I was really excited to help my boys fill out
their star wars valentines and stick them with heart stickers
and pieces of chocolatey goodness to spread among their friends.
Did you know that Darth Mal has good valentine's wishes for you?
I would have thought that to be doubtful
but it said so right on the card.
Apparently, even sith lords have some love to share.
Today I am going with Will's preschool class to an old folks home
to serenade some grandma's and grandpa's
with songs about twinkling stars and Jesus' love.
It's all about spreading the love around...anywhere you can.
So I heart valentines day.
I read this quote by Franklin P. Jones:

Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

Today, I am all about enjoying the ride.


Frazzmom said...

Valentine's wishes from the Dark Side... Classic!

(Oh and I also love conversation hearts... Did you know they have emoticons on them this year?)

Jekissa said...

So funny- I also helped Calvin fill out his Star Wars valentines! He even gave General Grievous tatoos to some of the girls. :) I'm also right there with you on the chocolate. I've been sneaking Hershey's kisses all week. (I sneak them because I don't want to that wrong?) Anyways, happy Valentine's Day to you and I hope you get to spend a little alone time with Scott.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

This is exactly how I feel about Valentine's Day. It has more to do with general love than romantic love.

But then again, I also grew up with a mom who made Valentine's Day special for the entire family unit. We always had a little surprise sitting on our plates at dinner.

Sweet memories. And now, I'm looking to create a few for my own kids.