Monday, May 5, 2008

confession #12: i am rarely on time

Every Sunday morning I wake up and think
"I think I'll be on time to church today."
Now this is never true.
So I'm not quite sure why I keep thinking this will miraculously happen.
Yesterday morning was no different. But I thought for a second it might be.
In fact, we were in good form. I had a faint inkling of hope rear its head.
Today could be the day. The day that I arrive before I am supposed to arrive.
On most Sunday mornings, Addison somehow manages to need a diaper change
right when we are ready to walk out the door.
The kind of diaper change that you cannot wait on
if you want your olfactory senses to survive the car ride.
But yesterday morning we had an early diaper change. Thank you, Addie!
And I began to aspire to greatness in my own mind. I thought,
"I will have all the children dressed, fed and to make it to worship
practice on time."
You should never think these things.
And you should definitely never say them out loud
because surely the fates will rise up against you
with a forgotten shoe or beach traffic or an empty gas tank
and you will be late. Again.
But yesterday, something else conspired against me.
Zac Efron. Yes, our High School Musical 2 friend.
Will has taken to dressing like our buddy Zac.
He is 4 but he has a keen sense of fashion.
He picks out his clothes every night and lays them neatly at
the foot of his bed.
And while sometimes the color combos are a little off,
I figure if my mom let my wear pink and green flowered shorts
with a red white and blue halter top, he's doing okay.
And he is doing a great job dressing himself.
Until yesterday when he wanted to wear a blue and orange plaid
button up shirt under a red and gray plaid long sleeved button up shirt.
And I had to draw the line. For myself. Personally.
I couldn't take the plaids. And the two collars fighting with each other.
So when I told Will he needed to pick one or the other,
I knew right then and there, my hopes of being on time were shot.
Because Will began to grieve over his two shirts as though
Zac Efron had passed away.
Why wouldn't I let him wear the shirts?
He loves both shirts. Zac Efron WOULD wear these shirts together.
Have you ever had a fashion fight with a 4 year old?
You should just know right off you won't win.
But I had a brilliant idea. I recalled an actual scene from
HSM when Troy and Gabriella first sang together at the ski lodge
(Let's not discuss how many times I have seen this, that I have
memorized Zac Efron's outfit because I will lie and say "only twice".)
and told Will, I believe that Zac Efron wore a button down shirt
with a JACKET and can you believe that you have a jacket right HERE?
And after a few (17) minutes, Will complied.
And we all got in the car.
And only arrived a few (17) minutes late to worship practice.
Maybe next week I'll be on time.

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Leslie said...

Here's what has helped me-- I have the clothing conversation on Saturday night. In order to get to church on time (or close) with 4 kids, I have to start on Saturday night. We lay out everyone's clothes(including adults) and that way we know if we need to do laundry (the socks, oh the socks!) or if one of every pair of dress shoes happens to be missing (every week) And if the picky one refuses to wear the dress I picked out (or heaven forbid a skirt! that's not a dress!) then she can choose something else-- on Saturday night. Sunday morning it's too late.


Kara said...

Again I say - when the boys are in High School and driving themselves to church, then - dear sister - will you start arriving places on time. But with 3 boys under the age of 7 - not a chance! :-)

Cari said...

I'm with Leslie on this one..........we always plan the wardrobe the night before. All the ironing, and arguing happens on Saturday night........then come Sunday morning, I still get a roll of the eyes from my 10 year old, but I just smile back and we are out the door!!!!
Regarding the whole Zach Efron daughter thinks she is going to marry him!!! It is all Zach all the time. My sister is having a baby (yes, Julie) and of course Kaitlyn wants the name to be Zach!!!!! The wallet is Zach, the pillowcase is Zach.........UGGGGGG!!!!! What we must of put our parents through with our crushes!!!!
Cari Brown