Monday, July 28, 2008

the official league of tired supergirls link list is up...because of my sassy husband

So Scott, my technologically blessed husband,
posted the league of tired supergirls official link list today.
He cut and pasted and masterfully added everyone's blog to the side bar.
Because he is sassy like that. He probably doesn't want to be thought of as sassy.
Maybe I should say manly. Because he is manly like that.
And he also added a link to pre-order the book. Because he is manly like that, too.
Check out that girl's eyebrows on the book cover, girls.
I feel that since some people think that could be me, which it's not,
I now have to live up to those eyebrows.
And I can tell you right now that's not going to be happening.
Because I am sure she had eyebrow people work on her before they took that picture.
And I have no eyebrow people. I am my own eyebrow person.
My eyebrow shaping ability is sorely lacking.
But if you want to, you can pretend my eyebrows look like that.
Except you need to remember that one is shorter than the other
because when I was two, I fell out of the car while it was moving
and split my eyebrow open
and now that eyebrow has a scar instead of the end of my eyebrow.
I have one full eyebrow and one eyebr--.
Lest I continue to ramble on about my eyebrows,
if you didn't get a chance but you still wanted your blog added
to the league of tired supergirls, it's never too late.
Because it is kind of fantastic to know we are not alone
in this tired supergirl journey.
Imperfect eyebrows and all.

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Erica said...

ok...the eyebrow and the eyebr--?
Hello, I was laughing at my computer screen! Also, just to say it one more time...sue, you're on AMAZON.COM! Love you!

Lindsey said...

YAY for your book! How very exciting! Seriously, A BIG DEAL!

You are too, too, too funny. I so enjoyed the eyebr-- comment.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Okay, so I'm new to this whole "bloggy blogosphere" thing...and it took me almost 3 weeks to find you, but OH.MY.WORD. You are a fun ride, to say the least!

And I am tired. So tired. I homeschool three boys (one of which is potty-training, so he's not really "schooled" yet). But he's killin' me. All boy.

And me and chocolate -- we go WAY back. I've been known more than once to pull everything out of my pantry looking for some.

SO, if you think I'm worthy, I'd love love LOVE to be added to your Royal Blogroll. If you think I've paid enough dues. ;-)

Pleasure meeting you!

Leslie said...

Please inform your husband that his name forevermore is Sassy Scott. To good to bypass.

And I am SO stinkin excited about your book! I just got on Amazon and seeing your name on there gave me chills!!! Love you, LesP

henryjz said...

the url for Elemental Children's Ministry is now