Thursday, July 31, 2008

the letter "p"

One of my favorite things about babies getting bigger is
when they start to talking. Mama. Dada. Chocolate.
Maybe it's just my kids but the word "chocolate"
always seems to show up pretty early on in their attempts at speech.
This could be due to their great exposure to chocolate in the home
and some prompting from Grandma Foth, chocolate lover extraordinaire.
I love when they begin forming sounds and words and trying to identify their world.
And I especially love the crazy words they come up with when they
are trying to master the tricky sounds of our native tongue.
Ask anyone who tries to learn English as a second language.
It's no walk in the park.
Addison has surely taken his time when it comes to this mastery of English.
He is very kick back about it and manages to communicate his feelings
and thoughts very well with a pretty sparse vocabulary.
Why should he have to talk when he has two big brothers to do it for him?
He's a smart cookie.
But in the last month, he has started talking up a storm.
And he has shown a deep fondness for the letter "p".
Because it is much easier to form the "p" sound than the "f" or "th" sound.
And I love it. Because he has began to speak at great lengths about
"Kung Pu Pan-na" (Kung Fu Panda) and "pire pie-ers" (fire fighters).
And quite often he is "pirsty" and wants a glass of water.
And he likes to watch me in the morning when I make my morning cup of "coppee".
"Coppee por you?" He says. To which I answer, "Yes, the coffee is for me."
He knows that I have a great affection for the coffee so he likes it, too.
Usually he limits himself to two or three word sentences.
But last night, he had his best sentence so far.
We had McDonald's cheeseburgers for dinner which the boys all hold in high esteem.
And apparently, Addison is also in love with the fries because mid-dinner
he pulled out all his vocabulary skills and yelled indignantly,
"Hey, Jack took my "pen pies"! (french fries)
A six word sentence along with an accusation
naming his brother as the french fry bandit.
Jack had picked up the empty french fry holder next to Addie and
Addie wasn't going to stand for that.
Back up off of the fry container, Jack. Empty or not.
It will be a sad phonetically correct day when Addie
learns to voice the proper "f" and "th" sounds.
But until then I am going to thoroughly enjoy the letter "p".
Because it's "pantastic".

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Kara said...

I still remember my sis getting mad at our mom because she taught Ethan how to pronounce the word "bubble gum" instead of "gubble gum". It was a sad, sad day when he started saying it correctly.

Bets said...

My third daughter replaced the "k" in kiss with a "p"; which we all found extremely amusing, it was very sad when she recently started saying it the correct way.

Jekissa said...

I love these cute little words, too! My recent fave is cue-muhmuhmuh (cucumber). I encourage these mispronunciations as much as possible!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Chocolate was the second word my youngest said right behind Mamma.


Except he used to say "choco-nat".

My sister gave him my FAVE shirt he has ever said, "My inner child needs chocolate!" Too cute.

julie said...

Brooke and I still refer to lipstick as "lip-it" thanks to Madison. And I love calling pancakes panna-cakes like Trevor. But I think the best mispronounciation might have been Zacharey telling Alys years ago, "Mom, LOOK, Uncle Bill (Phil) brought Ulie (Julie). Can't wait for Ella to give us more funnies!