Thursday, August 7, 2008

good call

I've always enjoyed cooking.
But lately it seems that the energy that it takes to cook
is being sucked away by things more pressing.
It all came to head last night when I realized that as I was making dinner,
I was actually referree-ing a football game.
Whilst mixing, baking and laboring over a hearty meal for the family
I was throwing down flags (or dish towels as it may be) and making calls.
Toss the salad.
"Jack, you may not use your brother's head as goal post. Stop throwing things at him. Penalty on the play!"
Flip the burgers.
"Will, do not stick your finger up Addison's nose. Illegal use of hands!"
Set the table.
"Get off of each other! Let go! Face Mask! Off sides! Penalty!"
Or whatever it is those refs say when they are totally ticked off at the innapropriate actions taking place on the field.
For some reason right about the time I start to pull out the dinner fixings,
my children use all control of their faculties and common sense and go nuts.
Two days ago while I prepped the chicken,
Addison dumped all the playdough into our kiddie pool. Playdough? Pool? Not good.
Yesterday, as I cut up the veggies, Jack formulated an ant killing concoction
that included a large amount of cinnamon and performed a mass killing on the
family room carpet...he assured me that it would smell good because of the
All I'm saying is that no refs in the NFL are expected to cook a satisfying
meal while running up and down the field.
You just don't see them sauteeing while doing all their fancy hand signals.
And so I'm thinking, cooking. We're doing take out.
I would say that is a good call on my part.
The ref needs a break.

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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Very funny post! I really enjoy reading your posts...and I love the parallel with the kids' antics and refereeing a game.

I have 3 boys and a husband, so I can really relate!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

So true! (I find myself saying that after most of your posts.)

I also notice "Iron Chefs" don't have to cook with babies underfoot and whiny preschoolers trying to sneak snacks from the pantry.


Kara said...

I want to come over for dinner some night. Just to watch all the action and have a good laugh.

So, boys really keep you THAT busy - huh?


Erica said...

What a great Iron Chef challenge with kids underfoot. I'll vote for that!

Lora said...

I've always called dinnertime the bewitching hour. Kids (even the smallest of babies) seem to act up or lose it at the time of the day when you are most trying to multi-task and get things done. It NEVER fails!! It's a wonder we ever eat anything besides cereal!

susanna said...

So gladd to know that there I am not alone in my dinner time struggles.....and I am totally down with waching an Iron Chef with kids long as I am not the one participating!