Thursday, October 9, 2008

halloween socks and pumpkin muffins

Most people base their knowledge of the fall season arriving
due to the cooling of the air and by noticing that the leaves are changing from
summer greens to autumnal reds and burnished golds.
(I had to use the word autumnal because it is so rarely applicable to my writing.)
People are beginning to layer their clothes
and drink even more hot beverages than usual. Especially ones that contain cinnamon.
I have two ways that I am positive it is fall in California.
Because sometimes it still feels like summer. Even though it is supposed to be fall.
The first way I know it's fall is because my mother-in-law buys me Halloween socks.
Last year, they were fluffy orange pumpkin socks. This year?

Now I know you are thinking...
1. Why are you wearing capris in the fall? Rest assured, I am not. Scott wanted me to be sure and mention that I pulled my pant legs up so that you could view my socks.
I do not wear capris with witch socks. Which leads to question #2...
2. Are those wicked witch socks? Yes, I believe they are. My mother-in-law bought me wicked witch socks. I questioned her about there something she needs to say to me? Does she think that I have witch-like qualities?
She assured me she did not. She thought they were cute. She gave the socks with pictures of witches on them to Cheri, her daughter.
(Cheri, I think we need to talk to your mom about her choice of socks for us.
What exactly is she trying to say?)
Speaking of Cheri, the other night she called me to see if I wanted to
rendez-vous at Trader Joe's because we both love a good Trader Joe's rendezvous.
We met up in the produce section. We chatted through the frozen food aisle.
And then we parted ways, I headed for the bread aisle,
Cheri headed for some other Trader Joe's tasty morsels.
When I rounded the corner back to the frozen food aisle,
Cheri was very excited! And in her basket I saw these.

Boxes of Trader Joe's pumpkin muffin mix.
Cheri and I love the pumpkin muffin mix.
Hello, lovely boxes of pumpkin goodness.
Now, I am usually a scratch girl myself. I like my baked goods homemade.
But these are uncommonly good mixes.
Doctored up with a sprinkling of brown and white sugar...
they are fall happiness in the shape of a muffin.
So there you have it.
In case you thought it was still summer? It is not.
I know this because I have witch socks and 3 boxes,or make that 2 boxes,
of pumpkin muffin mix in the pantry. I got a little hungry.
Now if only some leaves would change color, I would really be set.

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Erica said...

The socks made me laugh out loud at my computer, Sue. They really did.

mrs a santi said...

Fall is my favorite season. Thanks for the evidence that it is actually here. Yeah!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm pretty sure the last time I saw those socks, they were sticking out from underneath a house from Kansas.

So the pumpkin bread mix from TJ's is good, eh? I saw it last week, but I didn't buy it since I have my own killer pumpkin bread recipe. Should I give it try anyway? I'm a sucker for pumpkin.

scott aughtmon said...

Oh, Kelly....If only I had some ruby slippers to go with my wicked witch socks....I would never deviate from a killer pumpkin bread recipe because homemade is always best in my book....but if by chance you need scrumptious muffins and you only have 20 minutes, 2 eggs and 1/2 cup of oil...these are your go-to muffins!

Kara said...

Your posts always make me ready for the new season. Especially FALL! I just left Trader Joe's last week and I missed those pumpkin muffins, but will definitely be returning this week to seek those out.

Along with the Candy-Cane Joe-Joe things this Christmas, because I missed them last year and still feel sad inside about that.

And - Your socks are lovely. Way to go festive.

Way to go MIL!!

scott aughtmon said...

Just to clarify to Kelly and everyone else. I was logged into gmail, on the same computer, when Sue replied, so her reply showed up with my name and picture.

I don't want ruby red slippers and don't use the term "scrumptious!"

Just wanted to clarify, so I don't lose my street cred. :)