Tuesday, October 21, 2008

kung fu clean up

So last night after dinner, we had all family dinner clean up.
Well, it started out as all family dinner clean up and segued into
all family interpretive dance.
Because I turned on the new Chris Tomlin CD, Hello Love.
And song number 8, God Almighty, surely sounds like an anthem that needs
to be interpretively danced to.
The beginning of the song is an instrumental that starts off like the soundtrack to a chase scene in the middle of an epic movie.
Think Chariots of Fire but faster. Since that was always in slow motion.
So as we were supposed to be clearing the dishes, I began to swing my arms in
wide arcs and Addie posed in baby ninja stance, quietly...softly... and then
threw himself to the floor for some break dancing spins,
while I busted out with a twirling leap. It was impressive.
I at least cleared 3/4 of an inch off the floor.
Will threw down with some disco moves. And Jack looked on with disdain.
Because he is in 2nd grade and he is that cool.
We repeated the intro several times because we kept thinking up more fantastic moves.
And I called to Scott to come and see.
Come see the incredible dancing stylings of your after dinner family.
Instead of watching he joined in.
Except instead of leaping or break dancing, he began performing katas,
the different choreographed groupings of moves he had studied in martial arts.
To the exciting pulsating music, he kicked, hit, blocked and annihilated his invisible victim.
I think he even threw in a couple jabs to the eyes.
And in about 2 seconds, the children who had been dancing with such abandon,
began kicking the walls, attacking Scott and letting out screeching, "HI-YAS"!
Our dance session turned into a worship version of "Everybody's Kung Fu Fighting",
with my husband leading the way.
Of course at this point, Jack joined in, because he will never miss out on an
opportunity to high kick his brothers or karate chop his dad behind the knees,
no matter how cool he is.
And so goes another after dinner clean up night at the Aughtmon home.
Minimum dishes washed, maximum show of testosterone.
I guess I'll have to practice leaping on my own time.
Mark my words, next round of interpretive dance,
I will be clearing a good 7/8 inch with my twirling leaps.
And I'm thinking about adding a round house kick.
For good measure.

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Jess said...

I think that is absolutely wonderful that you can "dance without abandon" no matter where you are and your children feel that too (even if it does take one child to feel more at ease by dad coming in to karate chop some people)!
Jessica from A Crazy Beautiful World