Friday, October 24, 2008

maybe we should pray

I feel a bit unsettled this fine friday, tsgs.
I got an e-mail yesterday reminding me that the writer's retreat
I'm attending next week has a "business casual" dress code.
It is defined as wearing nice slacks or a skirt.
Which is awkward since my stay-at-home mom definition of business casual is
"even sturdier jeans and tennis shoes"
since I will be "getting down to business" with my kids.
Do black jeans count as slacks? American Eagle cords?
Pink sweats with "hula hut" inscribed in sparkles down one leg? Just checking.
I'm not saying I'm panicked but I did wake up with 2 new canker sores in my mouth. Because I need 4 business casual outfits.
Back in the day, I had church clothes I could have drawn on.
But we meet in a theater, people. Part of our church vernacular is
"tear down" and "set up" and "sweat through"...
maybe the last one is just in my case.
But all that to say, my sunday best pants are my jeans that don't
ride too low when I lean down to help break down gates in the nursery area.
I'm all about class, tsgs. Yes, I am.
My sister, Jenny, helped me, though.
She called to mind at least 3 things in my closet that I can wear.
So I think I'm good.
To go to a fancy retreat in the Napa valley. At a place called The Lodge at Sonoma.
Did I mention my hoopty ride with no a/c and rust-dappled hood that
I will be rolling up to The Lodge at Sonoma in?
My friend, Rene, will be joining me as we make our ghetto-fabulous entrance.
I think I may need to wear the glitter spangled sweats as I exit my vehicle
and go to check in at The Lodge at Sonoma.
Do you get the feeling that you may need to lift me up in prayer?
Go with that instinct.

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Jekissa said...

As always you are hilarious!! Check out the Target clearance racks. I needed a black skirt and found one there for $4.98!! Hope you have fun on your retreat! We really need to get together sometime soon. It has been way too long!

susanna said...

Jess, I'm glad you are laughing with me. And you are right, we really do need to get together! Sometime soon before our children are grown! :) love, Sue

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I read this while I nursed Teyla. And I prayed for God's healing hand to be strong upon your wardrobe. Glad to hear He was might to save.

(That's not sacrilegious, is it?)