Monday, November 17, 2008

3rd day of thanksgiving giveaway: a very snuggly sleep sack

On the 3rd day of Thanksgiving tired supergirl's friends and aquaintances who donated lovely items gave to me -
a very snuggly sleep sack,

Everyday Grace note cards,
and Sara Groves new Christmas CD.
My friend, Paula, is multi-talented.
She cooks. She sews. She raises 2 children. All the while partnering with
her husband, Glen, in their student ministry on Stanford campus.
Paula is one of those friends that brings by chocolate when the days
are long and hard and prays for me.
And there is just no way to top that in a friendship.
When I had Addison, who weighed in at 9 lbs. 12 oz, 5 days early.
She whipped me up a Mei-Tai. (Not a stiff drink though that may have been helpful...)
But a really neat asian style baby carrier that supports babies and toddlers
weighing up to 50 lbs. I could actually carry Addie in without hunching over
like Quasi Moto trying to support his weight.
My large headed children always grew out of their baby bjorns by 3 months.
Paula also makes really snuggly sleep sacks out of fleece.

These keep your baby safe and snuggled up without you ever having to worry
about their blanket falling off of them in the dead of night
or being flung up over their face,
thoughts of which can send an anxious mother into hysteria.
(Maybe that was only me who would wake up every 3.7 minutes to check and see
that my kids were still breathing.)
Paula is giving away a really fun california dreamin' style sleep sack.
So even if your baby is in Minnesota or your niece or nephew is tucked
away in a cottage in Northern Maine...they will be feeling california cozy
as they slumber the night away, toasty warm and worry free.

Check out Paula's mai tei desgin and come back here to the comments
and tell me your favorite fabric pick ...I'm going with puppies and hydrants...
maybe it's because I have boys.

Comments close December 1. Winner announced December 2.

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Rebecca said...

Aztec pink and orange is cute!

cheri said...

These sleep sacks and all that Paula makes are so cute!!! I like the navy stripe!!

cheri said...
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Kelly @ Love Well said...

Stop the presses.

That California sack is ADORABLE. Can she make me an adult-sized one? I will curl up in it for the rest of the winter and pretend I'm still in San Diego.

Naturally, that's my favorite fabric. But if I had to pick a second, I'd go with confetti stripes. Because it's fun, and I'm all about that. (Plus, my sister is having a GIRL baby in April. Time to pink-ify her.)

jenny said...

oh. my. goodness!!!!!! This one was meant for me! (or Kelly @ love well I guess!) My baby IS in Minnesota... California dreamin'!

And I have to agree with Kelly again.. California is hands down my fave. If I don't win, anyone know where I can buy that fabric?

Sarah said...

I'm all about being bold and standing out from the crowd. I love the Bold Navy Stripes! I think the pattern could go great for boy or girl, although I'm partial to baby boys. I have a choice because I grow my family through adoption. ;-)

Paula said...

The fabric was bought at Joann's Fabric. I think it has be discontinued.

Meg said...

I'm a fan of the lime floral. I like the design of the Mai Tais. They seem like a happy medium between the moby and the ergo. Handy for toting kids around the airport.

Amy said...

I like the magneta fleece and purple dots. And wonderful for a Wisconsin winter....

Bronwen said...

these are great! i love the california and the elephants!!

Melissa said...

black with pink orbs!! Paula is the best!! :)

Jen said...

I love the Marigold Indian print.

Amanda @ said...

I like the striped one (apparently like everyone else) since I'm such a sucker for stripes!

MoziEsmé said...


KCShipe said...

Oh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the frogs/ducks print one :) My second little boy is 3 months old and he likes to pull his blanket up over his head! Grrr - I know what you mean about getting up a lot to check on him :)

Karen N. said...

I'm expecting a girl in March and would love to win the elephants sleepsack.

thetnpreacherswife said...

I love the shapes! But the California is probably the absolute cutest!

Anonymous said...

Marigold Indian Print!

She does awesome work

Marie said...

Frogs and ducks are my favorite.

TRACI said...

I am thinking California sack is the cutest. I am a California girl at heart. I have lots of friends with babies and would love to giveaway myself!

micaela6955 said...

I like the frog and duck print the best, and the brown aztec second!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

maria said...

This would be a perfect gift for my newly preggo Californian buddy! For my next munchkin, I'd hold out until the blue green flowery garden was back - it's my favorite.

Denise said...

Love the blue with yellow ducks. These are great!