Tuesday, November 18, 2008

4th day of thanksgiving giveaway: a very sparkly reindeer

On the 4th day of Thanksgiving tired supergirl's friends and aquaintances who donated lovely items gave to me -
a very sparkly reindeer,

a very snuggly sleep sack,
Everyday Grace note cards,
and Sara Groves new Christmas CD.
This last summer when I went with my mom and sisters on our east coast
antiquing trip, I purchased this made by Sherri's Designs.

A very sparkly silver trophy with a very sparkly green canary on top.
When my friend, Angie, came over to my house this summer she saw it perched
on shelf over my writing desk.
She said, "Why do you have a sparkly trophy with a bird on it?"
And I said, "Because I love it."
Sometimes there are things that speak to us because of their beauty or their
form or their sheer sparkliness.
I found Allyson of Cele Home online and she sells a lot of very sparkly happy
things by Sherri's Designs and other fun home and holiday items as well.
Allyson named her business after her great-grandma Cele to inspire people and
remind them how important people are in their lives.
Each of the giveaways this week are being given away by women who have amazing gifts and talents and are willing to share that creativity with us tsgs and make our Christmas shine even brighter.
I love that.
Allyson from Cele Home is giving away a hand glittered flying reindeer on
a lovely velvet ribbon to trim your tree.

They use German glass glitter for all their creations. IT..IS..SO..SPARKLY.
Check out Celehome Christmas page (or any other page for that matter)
and come back here and tell me your favorite sparkly item in the comments.

But especially the teeny tiny sparkly trophy ornament.
I think it's related to my bird trophy.
Comments closed December 1st. Winner picked December 2nd.

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everydaygrace said...

I love the glittered gift boxes! So much fun!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

The tree garland is sparkly perfection...but, actually, I didn't see anything I didn't love!

Meg said...

of course the tiara is my favorite.

Rebecca said...

I'm a tiara girl too!

Bronwen said...

I do so love the tree ornament. and wonder if there is a use i can find for a tree tiara..

Erica said...

I love the snowflake garland....I think I would need a lot of it for my house!

sara said...

I love the snowflake garland. We put snowflakes all over our tree and it would fit in perfectly!!! All the items were beautiful!!

Lois Lane II said...

Oh, what a cool site!!! I love the gift boxes, but I like the deer as well...I'm like you; it's all awesome!
(BTW, found you from Jackie's site.)

Jodie said...

I'm with you. Everything. But since I can't say that because you said it first, I'll narrow it down to these three things:
1. Fred & Ginger trophy
2. Reindeer and Sled
3. snowflake garland

But really? Everything.

lyndabyrd said...

I love the "mooselet" ornament. We started using "Christmoose" things a couple of years ago and I have so many ornaments that small is the way for me to go!

Randi said...

I really like the snowflake garland--and the moose ornament--and just about everything else!

Amy said...

I really like the reindeer ornaments and the princess tiara with the pink bow.

Jen said...

I love the snowflakes! So cute.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Amanda @ www.kiddio.org said...

Oh, I love the snowflake garland, but the trophy is also such a treat. I have this random cow trophy that I picked up at the thrift store years ago. I still wonder what exactly one wins to get a cow trophy.....

MoziEsmé said...

I got stuck just on the gift boxes - so cute!

But I went a little further and I pick the
Winter Berry Duo Set (soap/lotion)

IzzysMa said...

I think I need to start my collection of glittered reindeer now. Work my way up to the whole pack.

Breanna S. said...

I love the deer ornament the most.

Anonymous said...

Glitter Starfish Ornament!

It reminds me of my hometown near the beach.

Mrs. Darnell said...

The reindeer are beautiful, I also like the sparkly tiaras!

Marie said...

I like the sparkly gift boxes

2girls said...

loving the snowflake garland!

Rachel said...

My favorite is the reindeer / sleigh combo. What can I say? I have expensive taste.

TRACI said...

Everything and Prancer. Thanks.

Jenny said...

I love all things sparkly...my favorite is the snow box with the bottle brush trees!

maria said...

Oh. my. goodness.

It's like my dreamworld, come to life.

So, I'd start with a Mooselet ornament for my sister for Christmas. Then move on to the trees garland. Then I'd snag your trophy. And a glittered gift box and tiara.

Holy mercy.

Denise said...

I love Prancer, and the Sled with Deer too.