Monday, December 8, 2008

so it's christmas picture time again

So just in case you thought the Aughtmon crew was amazingly photogenic at every turn
and have no struggle getting a family christmas picture.....
Here is the real story.
We took our own picture on with the timer on our camera.
There was bribery and chocolate cookies involved.
We had to re-take more than once because after getting a pretty good shot
we realized someone had chocolate on their face....
that would be me...not one of the children.
I will neither confirm or deny that I ate the chocolate bribery cookies myself.
And here we have the Christmas photo montage.

As you can see, we lost Jack by the end.
The Christmas picture taking is rarely pretty or without tears.
Or apparently without smudges of bribery chocolate.
Hope yours goes well.

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scott aughtmon said...

The chocolate on the mouth isn't an funny exageration. It's the sad truth. Click on the 3rd pic down with all of us sitting. Look on Sue's right cheek (her right) for the evidence.

Sara@ Butterville said...

Oh gosh I gave up and just took one of the kids! Yours turned out cute though!

Leslie said...

My favorite picture is the two cheek salute by Jack.

Am I gonna see you on Friday?


Jen said...

I'm completely impressed. We had friends come over to take ours, and about 40 shots later we still had a hard time finding one without any frowns or grimaces. Aren't you glad you caught the chocolate before you told the kids you were done?!

emilymr said...

I love the Jack butt shot. It's so classic Aughtmon...

Nina said...

Please, please, PLEASE send the one of Jack's bootie. I NEED that for my scrapbook. That is how I know the Aughtmon family - all fun, all the time.