Thursday, January 8, 2009

all I need is Jesus and a good pair of jeans: the world tour

So on this last post of shameless book promotion and free book giveaways,
I decided there needed to be a world tour.
And why not? With all the un-packing from our Christmas trip,
the random rug cleaning from un-identified dog poo tracker (I think it was Addison)
(we don't have a dog - do not even ask how this came to pass)
and the under taking of potty training with the youngest Aughtmon boy (also Addison),
it seemed like the perfect thing to do.
So I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the spots where the book has been.
Special thanks to my good friend, Melissa, my walking buddy,
for the book's first night of fun!
First stop on the book tour...

Sprinkles Cupcakes...

for Red Velvet and Chocolate Peppermint...hello, lovely cupcakes.

Than onto LaBelle Day Spa for some pampering...doesn't the book look relaxed?

To Modesto for a night out with the girl cousins, Jess, Brooke and Alys....
okay, so I forgot to take the book out....I was just excited to see my cousins.

Then on to Starbucks for a visit with my friend, Sandra.
That's my friend Sue's daughter, Kayla...
is she not the cutest barista ever? Yep, she is.
The book enjoyed it's cafe misto.

And let's not forget, the highlight of the tour, re-uniting with my college
roommate, Leslie, in McDonald's playland.
Leslie makes a very lovely hand model.

And there you have the tour.
A small apology to those of you who thought I would be leaving a 100 mile radius of home. Let's not forget...I am in potty training mode...
there will be no travel in my life for a good 6 months.
But that doesn't mean the book can't travel.
I've already asked my friend, Kristi,
to send me a picture of her book in India when it arrives.
Any of you who would like to send me a picture of the book from your hometown
at your favorite spot it will be included on the website on
The World Tour: A pictorial. I know at least my mom will send me one.
World Tour pictures can be sent to
Name your favorite hot spot you would take the book in the comments for a chance to win the book.
Comments will be open until 9:00 Saturday.

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deezmath said...

Oh, I love being the first to comment. Then everyone else is forced to follow my witty banter.

Um...well, I think I'm witless from exhaustion right now, so no banter. But I will absolutely agree w/ you on your FB status. Amen, sister, TGIF.

Geez...I'd just really like to see the book on my own NIGHTstand so I COULD READ IT! I'd order it, But I hate waiting for things to arrive, so I thought I'd trek out to Border's to look for it, as I last posted, it's in the database but yet to be on the shelves. Guess Target's next on the list tomorrow. :-)

Kara said...

Ummm. What fancy place will I take it? No telling, but I'm going to find somewhere good to give it an adventure. There's a strong chance we will go somewhere exotic like T.J. Maxx, or there's also the off chance that a picture of me and your book will be taken in the clothing aisles of Target, but I think we would all be kidding ourselves if you didn't see me with it in the Starbucks drive-through. I say drive through because since the children I haven't seen in inside of a Starbucks in about 3 years. Well - Maybe I will think of something fancier than that. No telling. I'm trying to keep you guessing here.

How is the suspense? Too much? Can you take it??


Raquel Jarabek said...

I would love to take it to my local mall, the Mall of America, down the street from me in Bloomington, MN. It has turned me into the shopper I never knew was inside of me. Well, I am still not much of a shopper but I end up at MOA frequently because there is just so much in one place that my practical side wins over by trying to get as much done as possible in the short-allotted time before one of my kids bursts out crying and screaming.

Jen said...

Hey, I'm potty training my little guy, too. If only he were my littlest guy, but that one still has a year to go before he'll be ready!

I could make you feel nostalgic and take the book to Union Station! Or Ebenezers! Or any other DC landmark of your choosing.

susanna said...

Both Ebenezer's and Union station please...and would you mind going to Bread and Chocolate? Thanks, Jen!

Kim said...

I'm so jealous of your book, I've always wanted to try a Sprinkles cupcake! Alas, I live in beautiful Redding so no Sprinkles, but the mountains are a nice place to stop on the world book tour!

henryjz said...

Ah, Modesto... I miss it sometimes. Oh well.

As for where to take the book: hmm... overseeing Lake Superior looking at The Sleeping Giant (Thunder Bay landmark), at the Hoito (Finnish eating establishment... yummy Finnish pancackes!), or maybe at the Terry Fox monument (Canadian hero and icon), or in front of a large curling rock (that's in the sport of curling), or at Paul Shaffer drive (he's from Thunder Bay).

LaneP said...

I'll take to book to Times Square or somewhere really Brooklyn.

Yvette said...

This is the first time I have been to your blog. I found it through my sister-in law's blog. She mentioned the book on her blog. So if I win I will share my copy with her and even take a picture!:) I know everyone is dieing to see Farmland,IN hehee.
Soon I will be traveling to Jamacia so I would love to take the book there and Ireland. Hope that would help some on the world traveling part. Good Luck!! I know everyone will love your book!

Jodie said...

If I win the book, I'd definitely send you a picture! And what a great idea. :)

Kim said...

Not sure when I'll get the book, Sue, but when I do I'll take a picture and send it for the world tour. All the way from sunny Argentina :-) I could take it in front of the very large cuckoo clock on the corner of a busy street downtown. Or maybe in front of my favorite coffee shop. (Not as in, they make coffee for customers, but as in they sell the coffee beans.) Perhaps in front of a libreria (Spanish for bookstore)?

Oh well, I'll think of some place worthy of showcasing your book :-)

Tiffany said...

As soon as mine comes I promise to take a picture of it at... a local winery? Hm... There must be more exciting places in my hometown than that right??

Also, Hi!

Kelly in Carrollton, GA said...

Hi Sue! I think I must have missed the post that told how to qualify for the book if the winners are chosen from the commenters, then I'm IN! I'd love to read your book!

Thanks for the world tour! Great pics!!

Tammy said...

Well since my sister-in-law took the "big" city of Farmland, In...I'll have to think of another place:)

I would take it with me to Panera Bread, where I go to way too much! I can't resist their calls to me as I drive by!

Now if I had a place like Sprinkles around here, oh my, that would be where I would take it ALL the time! Cupcakes are my weakness! And those in the pictures looked soooo good!

Rachel said...

I would take the book out for a bowl of tomato basil soup, a pot of vanilla tea, and a scone with jam and cream at a little shabby chic antiques and collectibles store and tea room called
"Ruthie B's".
It's my favorite place to hangout with my girlfriends.

susanna said...

Oh, please take the book to Ruthie B's, Rachel. I have been there many times with my sister and I love it! In fact I love all of these places! Keep 'em coming!

Kara said...

If I leave another comment - does this up my chances to win a book? Huh? Huh? Does it?

Just wondering.


thetnpreacherswife said...

I'd take a copy to somewhere very court, where I spend most of my time waiting for cases to be heard...
or if I magically had tons of fun time: The Smootie Shop!!!

Carla said...

well, since you mentioned modesto, i'd like to see the book at El Rosal on Coffee & Floyd, since I can't go there right now.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I am just getting my comments on again, after the blogocation and all, and I am SO EXCITED to take you around my area. Pictures will be forthcoming. Warning: Snow will be involved. I'll dress you appropriately.

betty R.~Simply Southern said...

ok..I do so want to read this book...came over from the copycat forest(i like that blog!) anyway...
Every year we have a celebration in town in March called the ''RATTLESNAKE RODEO''. thousands of people come to it.I will take the book and get you a picture under the sign..
i'll double it.My son and hubby play in a band,straightjacket 4 nixon, i'll get you a pic with darrell holding it on stage amongst the flashing laser lights!


susanna said...

okay I never thought I would be asking this but can I please have a picture of the book with laser lights? Sue

Jessika said...

I will be there the 31~~~
yay me!!! Jess

Jessika said...

I will be there the 31~~~
yay me!!! Jess

KCShipe said...

Such a COOL idea! I am still awaiting my copy of the book, but when it gets here I will take a pic with whatever monument/building in DC you want in the background. How's that? :)

Anonymous said...

I love to read in a bubble bath!

Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs

Darryl said...

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