Wednesday, January 28, 2009

apparently i have no fashion sense

The All I Need is Jesus and A Good Pair of Jeans book launch party
is taking place this Saturday.
My friend, Shannon, just wrote me and said, "You need to put that up on your blog."
So I am putting it up on my blog.
For those of you in the area, you are welcome to come by
and eat a cookie and buy a book
or have your book signed that you already bought.
These are the details:

The Book Launch Party

Saturday, January 31, 2009
1-4 pm (open house style)
Peninsula Christian Center Coffee Bar/Bookstore
1305 Middlefield Road
Redwood City, California 94063

I was on the way to Trader Joe's last night to get groceries.
And suddenly, I found myself in the TJ Maxx parking lot.
Which I took as a sign that I need a new shirt for the party.
It's not every day you have a book launch party.
And as I made my way to the clearance racks...because that is were I live...
I had the thought, "What does one wear to a book lauch party?"
Casual? Sequins? Lace? Designer knock offs? T-shirts with witty quips?
Which sent me veering off course toward the normal racks since maybe one
doesn't wear clearance items to sign books in.
And this was followed by the thought, "Do I need to match my book?" I hope not.
Because the book has some red and blue and yellow...not particularly my colors since I have olive skin and I look yellow around the mouth and eyes when I wear them.
Which was followed by the thought,
"Aren't authors supposed to be eccentric and creative in the way they dress?"
Because I tend to wear a whole lot of plain. Maybe a few stripes here and there.
By the time I ventured into the dressing room I had a hodge podge of shirts.
And as I tried on, I found myself saying,
"Oh, no!" and "Very terrible!" and "For heavens sake!" and "Good Lord, no!"
As I made my way to the juniors section, I felt sure that Clinton and Stacy of
What Not to Wear would be jumping out from behind some racks yelling,
"Dress your age!" at me.
And I would have gladly let them take me under their wing and tell me how terrible I looked and for heaven sakes, have some style already, and try this and this and this on. I would have given anything for that moment...and the $5,000 spending spree.
At one point, I paused in front of a pair of hot pink leopard print leggings.
Now I'm not saying I would have gone there but people in the store could sense
my desperation and were giving me a wide birth as I madly perused the racks.
So all that to say I ended up with...some underwear.
Which is appropos, I guess, since the whole idea for the book came from a gag gift of Supergirl underwear...but that doesn't really help me a whole lot with the new shirt dilemma.
So I'm waiting til my sisters get here. They're coming Thursday night.
They will have to take on the role of Stacy and Clinton.
Pray heavy for a release in the area of style in my life. It would be appreciated.

ps don't forget Thursday is the last day to comment on the Bonbon charms giveaway. It's stylish.

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Jodie said...

You make me laugh Sue. I just love ya. This whole Shirt Search Party thing was so much fun to read - I loved the window into your mind. :)

I will offer this {which you may quickly disregard in the case that it is worthless to you}:
I think that nice jeans, a simple shirt and maybe a jacket of some sort would be appropriate. Age appropriate and event appropriate. But then again, you could just wear a t-shirt and a sassy scarf. I mean, you ARE an artist. ;) Good luck - and I hope your sisters are as helpful as mine is in a situation like that --- and that's saying alot!!

{Aren't sisters just THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING EVER?!}

Girly Muse said...

i'm so envious that i can't just hop on over there saturday night!!! have a wonderful time.

thank God for sisters. i don't have any, but when you said they're coming thursday, i breathed a sigh of relief for you! haha

as long as you're sporting a bonbon charm, i think you'll be fine. preferably neck AND wrist, so when you're signing autographs the charms will jingle. :)

*~*Pilgrim*~* said...

Underwear is a GOOD START! I mean... you don't really want to go anywhere without it, right?

I think jeans, a simple t-shirt, and a nice denim jacket would look cool.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Now see, this is why I like living in Minnesota. We don't have fashion dilemmas in January. It's just wall-to-wall parkas anyway.

(Wish I could come. It will be a BLAST.)

Lois Lane II said...

Lol!! Don't worry, I'm sure you will look lovely for the signing! (And I doubt you have to match the book, haha!)

Auntie Jan said...

JUst be yourself..... the girl we love. I would think a comfy pair of jeans (hello) and new black tee-shirt would be great, maybe Erica could provide an simple necklace ( her stuff is cool).

deezmath said...

I love it, Sue. You just put it all in perspective. And you are going to look absolutely, amazingly, stunningly beautiful no matter what you wear!

I actually think I might get to come to the book launch, too! As long as I can get someone to watch my dog, I'll be coming down to see my dad's still in the VA Hospital down there. Looking forward to it!

Kim said...
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Kim said...

Let's try this again. I realized after posting my last comment that me trying to be funny doesn't work so well.

Anyway, you may not have much fashion sense but you DO have the Kreativ Blogger Award! I chose you to receive it because I luuuurve your blog! And I had only nice things to say about you in my post today :-)