Monday, January 26, 2009

things said at breakfast this morning

1. "He likes to blow boogers on his fingers." (Will, about Addison sticking his finger up his nose and's very terrible.)
2. "Go get a tissue. Show daddy that you can use a tissue."
(me, to Addison in response to increased blowing on his part.)
3. "Did you know that Addison is putting legos in Jack's orange juice?"
(Scott, to a distracted me, while passing through the kitchen)
4. "Mom is so laid back." (Jack, in response to Scott's comment, while fishing out a soggy legos.)
5. "What?" (me, caught off guard by the advent of small toys in the orange juice)
6. "What is that smell? Addie, do we need to change you?"
7. "No, that was me." (Jack, giggling)
8. "Jack Aughtmon!" (me, shocked and appalled and yet not surprised)
9. "What are you doing, Addie?" (me, still reeling from my last comment.)
10. "Looking at my belly button." (Addison, holding up his shirt, studying his portruding belly...he has an outie.)
11. "You have a cute belly button." (me...he really does have a cute belly button)
12. Whack! (Addison's hand smacking Will's head as Will tries to lick Addison's belly button.)
13. "Will Aughtmon!" (me, shocked and appalled and yet not surprised)
14. Giggling. (Jack and Will, at Will attacking Addison's belly button.)
15. "Addie, come back here." (me to Addison, trying to bring him back to the table after being so rudely accosted by his brother.)
16. "Boys, sit down!" (me again, they are all milling around like animals in a wild game park instead of calmly eating their breakfasts like civilized people. Do they not know what chairs are for?)
17. Heavy sigh. (Me...who else would be sighing?)

This has been an excerpt from the Aughtmon family breakfast table.
Please do not hold the parents responsible for this exchange.
They are as sorry as you are that it took place.

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Melissa Dulla said...

Oh, I can just picture this hilarious breakfast circus. And I love the "sigh" - "who else would be sighing but me?" Exactly. No one else is bothered by the route the meal took, right?

Girly Muse said...

hilarious. sounds like fun conversations going on over there. :)

*~*Pilgrim*~* said...

So cute!! Thanks for sharing. I am sure mothers everywhere can relate all too well. Even as a teacher, I can relate...having had some very interesting conversations at Circle Time with preschoolers ;-P