Monday, March 16, 2009

awkward worship....again

While leading worship at church yesterday, I made a sound like this,
This was right after I directed everyone that the next line we were
going to sing as we headed into the bridge was,
"I'll never know how much it cost to see my sin up on that cross."
They started singing, "I'll never know..."
And somehow I inhaled some air and sucked spit down my windpipe and all
that came out of my mouth was "KAACK!"
And then cough! Cough! COUGH!
My sister, Jenny, who was singing harmony was shocked into silence for a moment.
Then I felt her hand on my back....a steadying force as I fought for air.
And then as she frantically picked up the melody line I soldiered on with
trying to breathe and sang the rest of the song in a sort of whispery Jewel-like voice since I probably ruptured a few vocal chords with that sound.
You know, it always sounds funny when I write about it but somehow it never feels
funny at the moment.
Especially since that hairball moment came directly on the heels of a song glitch when the guitarist started playing one song while I started singing another.
It was further complicated by the fact that I don't actually know how high
certain keys are so when I picked out my songs for Sunday they were all in
the key of "Not humanly possible...only dogs enjoy songs this high."
I know my heart was in the right place in my efforts but I'm not entirely
sure that God was blessed by my worship leading....
but I think maybe he got in a good chuckle yesterday.
And maybe that is enough.

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Sharon said...

Why is it that I enjoy other's humiliation so much! I think I need therapy.
Anyway, thanks for the chuckle.

Lois Lane II said...

I think God's got a fun sense of humor. ;)

Girly Muse said...

OHHHH, this is so painful.
I have had all too many moments like this and feel the pain of this in the EXTREME.
It does help to laugh, but the embarrassment still lingers.
Church blunders are WAY better than wedding blunders though...because then at least you can act like you were having a spiritual moment. If that's any consolation...

fransmomma said...

thank you so much for allowing me to laugh at your expense. sorry you had a rough time!

Carrie said...

Oh, my goodness, this post is hilarious. I have a little bit of bronchitis, so I was laughing and coughing along with your post. :) ha ha ha ha ha!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Maybe you could explain that KAAK is Slovik for "how much did that cost?!?" Which roughly fits the line of the song.

That's the sound my husband makes after my weekly Target expeditions anyway.

JanaMac said...

You singing on a bad day is so much better than me singing on my best day!!! I have memories of you and your sisters singing a tune or two during our time together, I was always so jealous! So a little "Kaack" now & then aint no big deal!!

Me said...

You know what? I cannot sing. At all. Unless you cound round after round of "The Wheels on the Bus" all day long with the baby. But my voice is HORRIBLE. Even preschoolers have laughed at me.
Still, I attempt to sing at church, and, while I'm out on walks I sometimes sing praises to God.
And one time on a walk I told God,
"I'm sorry my singing is so bad."
You know what God spoke to me in my heart?
"When you sing to ME, your voice is ALWAYS beautiful."
Just somethin' to think about. ;)

Rachel said...

You know, the Bible does say "... make a joyful noise unto the Lord..." I'd say you've got that covered. It's nice to know that you are human, even in the realm of singing. Are all of your siblings musically talented?

BizzieLizzie said...

I'm sure WHATEVER sound came forth - could only be SO much better than any sounds I could possibly spew out! =0) Thanks for the smile!