Friday, May 8, 2009

so I cut my bangs again

Really there should be a great sense of embarrassment over the fact that I have butchered my bangs again and yet I still continue to cut my bangs.
Unfortunately, there is not.
It seems I do not have the foresight or cash for that matter to make regular hair appointments.
And then all of the sudden I realize I am looking like an english sheepdog and can't see the world for the length of my bangs....and before I know it I have the scissors in my hands.
In my defense I want to say that I have cut my bangs for years and no one has noticed.
Maybe I have just gotten over zealous these past few years.
But after cutting them last Saturday, Scott mentioned casually,
"When we get to DC why don't we take you somewhere where we can fix those?"
And I was immediately horrified...again.
And I said, "Are they really that bad?"
To which he responded, "I just think it's okay if we take a little of our money and go somewhere and fix them."
Now Scott is a church planter. The purse strings are tight, people.
Obviously, we had another bangtastrophe on our hands.
So I took another peek at the mirror....I should tell you that maybe the problem is I just don't look at myself that often...because they were short and there was a definitely upward slant to them.
So in a panic since we were leaving town in less than 24 hours, I began calling people. And one of our old youth kids moms is a fantastic hair dresser and she
said, "I'll see what I can do."
Now taking your crooked banged self to a master hair dresser is like showing your crayon picture to Monet. Humbling. A little sad. And then there is the rambling.
"Well...I was just trying to cut it a little...because they were so long you see...and then somehow...I don't know how they are so short now...and I'm not sure how this piece from the back of my head ended up with my bangs...can you fix it?"
Darlene's first words to me were, "Oh no."
And tsgs, that is never good. So I said, "Oh no?"
And she said,"Well, they are pretty short."
Despite the odds, Darlene worked her magic.
And she shed a little light on my situation....I no longer have straight hair.
Since the last child, it seems my hair likes to kink up in odd my bangs.
Which explains so much about my new inability to cut my bangs.
I now need tools to straighten my bangs. Tools. Product. A new brush.
She not only fixed my bangs...she gave me sassisliciouness new haircut.
A very modern long layered bob. And then she gave me instructions on
how to style it and what product to use. Because clearly Darlene rocks.
And all I can say is that clearly feeling overly confident in my new cut
I was not prepared to take on...humidity....the damp jungle of Washington DC
that wreaks havoc on fine layers everywhere.
Because my sassy new long layers have taken to curling up like Jewish ear locks
in the weighted air despite my product and fancy brush.
But I'm happy to say, girls, there is a small triumph in all of this.
My bangs look good.
Let's thank the Lord together.

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Me said...

I am the same way with scissors and bangs...
which is why I no longer have bangs. They are the same length as the rest of my hair now.
I had to give up my dream of bangs to cover my forehead wrinkle, because I had to face it, my bangs were just NEVER going to turn out. Ever.

Leslie said...

Pictures! I want to see your babelicious hair!


Jen said...

Can't wait to see the results, but more importantly hear what you have to say this Sunday. Wish I could have come to the women's get together tonight. Hope you had fun!

Kim said...

Hallelujah for sassilicious bangs!

I love D.C.! So much to do, most of it free, quick and easy (and cheap!) bus system, and an amazing variety of delicious ethnic food. Have FUN!

Girly Muse said...

as your friend, i want to tell you...when you get that feeling again...the cutting feeling...this is the time for a headband, a cute barrette, even a bobby pin will do.
as a kindred curly hair girl, i will pass along this piece of advice to you, my newly curly haired girl, just say NO. stop yourself. save money instead on not buying pop and using generic garbage bags instead of hefty and glad...maybe cut back on the dcmc for a while...
whew. i feel better. just had to get that off my chest. for you. stand strong.

Kelly @ Love Well said...


Yes, this post screams for pictures.

So how did Washington go, anyway? Did I miss that report?

BizzieLizzie said...

Yes, Yes - pictures are a MUST! I too worry over my bangs and the hairdress NEVER wants to cut them short enough to suit me! =0) Best of luck this weekend in DC!!

Melanie said...

When do we get to see pics? Can't wait - the suspense is killing me!

Pamela said...

pictures? pictures would be good. we want to see your new hair! so glad you got the hair fixed before dc, and thank goodness for husbands that get the hair dilemma. :)
I recently got a "free" haircut in between cuts because of cost. No split ends, but my cool fun layers that make this curly girl's hair lay low are gone until...5/21. I am waiting for that glorious day!!

Rachel said...

I agree, pictures are a MUST!

Aly said...

*chanting*PICTURE! PICTURE! PICTURE!*chanting*

Me said...

So its been several days now and this post is still picture-less. to do something about that? ;)