Tuesday, July 14, 2009

mr. golden sun

So I've been subbing for the last two weeks and needless to say,
I am just a bit short of exhausted.
The upside is I am getting a tan with all the fine outdoor living on the
preschool playground or maybe the downside...I could be getting leathery.
The last time I taught full time was before Scott and I got married.
I was 25, energetic, and pulled up my sleeves to tank top setting while baking out
on the playground during afternoon recess.
There were a lot of teachers there who were older than me. A lot older.
In their 30's I think. And they donned sun hats and sunscreen and lip balm
before they went out in the afternoon.
I felt a little sorry for them. Whereas I soaked in the lovely rays of sun, they shunned them.
And I have to tell you the first afternoon out on the playground as the sun beat down on my face and arms last week, I thought,
"Oh my lordy, I need a sun hat. And some 75 sunscreen and some petrolleum jelly to guard my fragile lips."
I am officially the old lady teacher in her 30's.
And moreover, last night I went as far as to look for a hat at Ross Dress for Less and all I could find were some malformed straw cowboy hats that looked like something Venus Flytrap from WKRP in Cincinatti would wear (now I'm really dating myself) or derby hats that made me look like Tom Landry coaching the Dallas Cowboys (also dating myself.
I ran into my friend Melissa and her two girls, Grace and Faith, there and gave them a fashion show of terrible hats. The girls looked away in shame. Melissa just laughed.
So I am out to bake another day in the sun.
Hopefully, the leathery wrinkles won't start popping out for a few years still.
Anyone know where to by a full body sun hat?

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Erica said...

No ideas, but I'm sure when you find it, you'll be rockin' it!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I bet you could find a really cute hat on Etsy.

Then again, by the time it's shipped, you might be done subbing.

I say you go for that golden, sun-kissed, leathery look and stay true to your California roots.

Just Me,Pilgrim said...

LOL... this one really made me laugh. I too became the old lady in her 30's on the playground in the past few years who hid in the shade under a hat. And those "youngun's" were the teachers who were NOT BORN UNTIL I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL. Yes, they didn't even KNOW who Captain Kangaroo was, or the joys of The Brady Bunch.

{Jodie} said...

Aw Sue, you know just how to get me laughin'. Girl, good luck with turning into beef jerky in the noon day sun. I do like your title though. It makes that whole process sound very appealing. :)

emilymr said...

I have a cute big brown-and-white floppy straw-ish hat that you're welcome to borrow. :)

Robin said...

I'm all about embarrassing my kids with my floppy hat at the waterpark. A couple of times they have been known to hide it from me...tsk tsk...