Thursday, July 30, 2009

pray for the toads

There are two toads that live in the window well of the basement here at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
I'm sure when they found this sun dappled spot filled with a mixture of stone and leaves they thought it was the perfect hideout from predators.
What they didn't know is that 6 children from the ages of 3 to 8 would soon be arriving to scare the living daylights out of them.
Everyone had to hold them. They went very still. The big cousins were somewhat gentle. The younger the child the stronger the hold on the toad.
It was all very friendly until Addison could not keep from squeezing the little one.
Both Grandma and I had to rescue the toads from a death grip.
We were both immediately wet upon by the toads.
They were using whatever defenses they could to get back into their safe haven.
Will decided to name them Chunk Face and Little Ben.
The children disappeared for a good twenty minutes yesterday and came back reporting that the toads can "Jump very high" which we took to mean "fall very far".
We had to set a mandate, "Do not visit the toads."
Scott is sure they will be going to see Jesus before their time.
Yesterday Chloe and Will were begging to have another visit.
Will said, "Mom, can I please visit the toads?
I promise I won't throw them up in the air this time."
"Did YOU throw them up in the air?"
"Just once but I caught it right away!"
Say a prayer on the toads behalf.
As of this morning we are not sure what has happened to Little Ben.
Let's pray he has made his way to safety instead of meeting his maker.

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~beautyandjoy~ said...

For us yesterday it was trying to figure out why the minnows died when taken out of the lake and put in a shallow frisbee full of almost 100 degree weather. I didn't have the heart to explain they had probably died a tortured death.


Kim said...


When my son was 3 we moved to Miami. He brought me a dead lizard. Along with the tail he had already cut off the dead lizard. He wanted to see the lizard grow a new tail. He didn't believe me when I said it was dead. "It's just sleeping mommy." He watched the dead lizard for over an hour. That's a long time for a 3-year-old boy. Finally he grudgingly admitted I must be right.

And went looking for a live lizard.

Just Me,Pilgrim said...

Ohhh dear...poor toads.
My niece and nephew, who are 6 and 3, "collect" toads as pets in the summers. They give them clever names like Spotty and Freckly, then play with them til they die of exhaustion. :( They get this from their mother, my little sister, who did the same thing, except that she, who wanted a horse as a pet, used to attached handmade saddles and reins (I KID YOU NOT! REINS!) to her toads.
I still mourn.

Kara said...

Ha! HA! Another great story about Sue's awesome kids. Thanks for the laughs. My FIL - Mike - just asked me yesterday if you guys were at your parents house and I told him I didn't know. He heard something about grandkids being up there and wondered if it was you guys, but it sounds like Chris and Tracy too. Enjoy your time. I know you are loving it there!!