Wednesday, October 21, 2009

dinner conversation with a three year old

It is almost impossible to keep a 3 year old seated during the entirety of dinner.
Unless you use tar, bungy cords and put magnets in the seat of their pants.
So mostly, almost every night, Scott and I have these conversations with Addison.
"Get back in your set, Addie" and "Addison, do not jump off your chair" and
"Addison Connor Aughtmon, put your light saber down and come back to the table!"
The other night as I said, "Addie, if you don't come sit down you are going on time out",
Addie looked at me and said,
"I'm not Addison. I'm Batman." Sure enough he had his batman cape on. Silly me.
"Batman, come sit down or you are going on time out."
He paused. The cape slid to the floor.
"I'm not Batman. I'm Bruce Wayne." Oh, the master of disguise that he is!
"Bruce Wayne, come sit down or you are going to be in time out IN your room BY yourself WITH the door closed."
Bruce Wayne sat right down. Yes, he did.
Apparently, he has a keen sense of when parents are about to take action.
I'm going to invite Bruce to dinner more often.

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Sharon Simon said...

oh Sue, This is priceless!!

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