Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a disclaimer on my technological abilities in sending out the tired supergirl chronicles

Okay, so the first ever official Tired Supergirl Chronicles newsletter went out this past friday.
This is where the disclaimer comes in.
There is nary a technological bone in my body.
The fact that I can even type is the goodness of the Lord poured out upon me that directs my fingers.
When people start talking about computer lingo about apps and html and tags and auto responders and lists and such,
I feel myself sinking down into a deep mire of "sweet lordy, my brain has stopped functioning and I cannot comprehend a single word of what you are saying".
Luckily, Scott knows what he is doing.
So because of him I survive in this techno culture.
The Chronicles went out. And then more people signed up for the Chronicles after it had gone out and I thought, they shouldn't have to wait until next month to get the Chronicles so I yelled out to Scott, "Please help me re-send the chronicles."
And somehow you are supposed to be able to use a filter to send out things to certain people and exclude all the people who got it already....
but instead I re-sent it to everyone.
Because I thought you would like it twice and I am so techno-savvy.
So I from here on out I will be using parchment and a quill pen with some India ink and you will have your Tired Supergirl Chronicles delivered on horseback by the Pony Express because that is obviously more my speed.

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dawn said...

You are funny. I jut signed up too...I'm happy to wait for the next one. I'll look forward to mr. pony express. What can pony do for you?

Kim said...

This is why I'm so thankful to have a son who is an I.T. guy. Without him I'm not sure I could even turn my computer on!

melpbaby said...

Ha ha ha! Can't wait for the next one...besides, when I got it twice, I assumed it was somehow my fault anyway. :)