Wednesday, December 2, 2009

on the flip side

Continuing on in a vein of gratefulness,
I am realizing that for me, being grateful takes some effort.
It seems that I have trained myself up in the ways of comparison and complaining.
It is a fine art.
I can take anything coming my way and make it a little worse.
Some examples?
Runny nose? Onset of swine flu.
Scratches on Addison legs? Bed bug invasion.
Star Wars figures lodged in the vaccuum? The house will never be clean again.
Disagreement with Scott over placement of furniture?
Cause for martial counseling and deep inner healing in the area of decorating.
It's a talent people, it really is.
So I have decided to do the flipside and see if I can't look at some of the negatives in my life in a positive way.
Addison, seeing the Old Navy commercial on tv where the guy has Old Navy written on his belly and coloring his own belly green with a marker?
He is working tattooes out of his system now so it won't be an issue later on.
Will, wearing through the toes of his tennis shoes so his socks are showing out the tops and me not noticing?
He is on the cutting edge of developing a new nike product called tennis sandals. Me getting him new shoes right away would have ruined his chances of being a shoe designer sometime in the future.
Jack losing his jacket for the 27th time?
He is developing a thick skin so that if he needed to be out in the snow for a 24 hour period he could just shake it off like Bear Grylls.
Looking for all the items that get lost in our house on a daily basis?
We are honing our search and rescue abilities and may be of use to the Coast Guard some day.
See how positive it all seems now? Things are looking up, tsgs.
They really are.
ps 2 days left to sign up for all the fun giveaways...nothing negative about that!

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Kathy said...

Thanks for the 'look on the bright side of life' reminder. This TSG gets so bogged down in what is NOT right that I forget to enjoy my children while they are under my care! Thanks for the positive perspective!!!

eternity driven said...

awesome post!! I love it. Bossy little 2 year old?? Just excercising her fantastic leadership qualities...which will one day glorify God, I'm sure!
thanks for writing the best blog ever.