Monday, February 15, 2010

my bangs look good blog tour, speaking and a radio interview for your listening pleasure

We are going to be doing a My Bangs Look Good And Other Lies I Tell Myself:
The Tired Supergirls Search for Truth
Blog Tour to kick of book number 2.
If you would like to be a part of the tour there are pretty high qualifications to be included so read carefully:
1)you have to be willing to read the book and
2)you have to have a blog and
3)you have to post about it...
I know....I know....such high hurdles to jump over!
But if you are a tired supergirl yourself and a blogger and would like a copy of the book to read about bad bangs, the enemy's lies and Jesus truth and then when would be willing to post about it to all your bloggy friends,
leave your name and blog in the comments.
We'll be launching the tour in March when the book comes out.
We (and by we I mean me) would love to be able spread the word about the book to all of your fellow tsgs.
My son, Jack, has already read part of it, looked to see if his name was inside, swears he found a typo and thinks it could be a good read. I'm not sure if he is going to tell his 3rd grade friends to buy it but I may offer him a bribe to do it.
My mother-in-law Sandy also thinks this book is going to be a hit.
(Her name is also in the book.)
My next big news is that I am going to be speaking more this year...
for those of you who have been reading long you know what this means....
a lot of sweating on my part.
I would appreciate your prayers on behalf my sweat glands.
And of course, that Jesus would give me words to say.
(And that my children would adjust to mommy gallavanting across the countryside...
and that Scott will incorporate other meals besides hot pockets into his cullinary repetoire while I am gone...if you would just like to set aside an entire day of prayer on behalf of my family that would be great....)
But if by chance you would like me to speak to your ladies group or womeen's retreat or your book club and you don't mind a speaker with a strong need for deodorant,
you can contact me at
And lastly, I just got to chat with Amy Freese from the Nashville area who does a great radio show for women in her area called Flourish with Amy Freese.
We had a fun time talking about jeans and bangs and mostly, Jesus, who is the most important.
Thought you might enjoy it! Visit the Link below
and click on the All I Need Is Jesus interview

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Josh said...

I would LOVE to blog about your book! ...even though I'm a dude. :)

-Josh Herndon

michelle said...

I'd love to read and review the book :)

Leslie said...

Susanna, I would *love* to read and blog about your book. I am, admittedly, a new blog reader of yours (and I was so sad when the bookstore didn't have your first book when I looked for it this weekend. Waah!) but I love how you describe your life. (Perhaps because it sounds much like mine.) And your faith. (Something I am working on earnestly!) Thanks for the inspiration and the reinforcement that I'm not alone!


Girly Muse said...

you know i'm wanting to do this...was going to email you the other day to say, "When is a good time for the giveaway?" i have NOT forgotten!!!

have ordered a book...would love one for the giveaway...

yayyyyy. will be praying about glands and other things regarding your upcoming touring.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Oops...well, I was going to write, "Susanna, I would love to read and blog about your book!" But I see that Leslie said it exactly the same.

So, ditto Leslie.

Except I'm not new. Been here almost as long as I've had a blog...just been a lurker. Often.

So the point of this rambling comment would be that I would love the chance to read and post about your new book. And all that PR stuff.
Congrats on being published... twice!

Michelle (Chel) @ Leaving a Legacy

melpbaby said...

I'm a big fan of the first book. We're now reading it for my women's small group! Can't wait for the second and I'd love to blog about it too!

Lindsy said...

Loved your first book and actually did a review on it on my blog and in my church's Moms group newsletter. So...big fan! I am looking forward to reading the next book too! Can't wait to tell the appropriate person in my Mom's group that you would possibly be open to coming to speak to us ladies. So fun! blog@

Anna said...

I love your blog and am reading your first book (and talking about it to my friends!) I would love to read and review/blog about your new book!!
Anna :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm halfway through the second book (and that all came during Teyla's naptime yesterday, when I also should have been sleeping but couldn't put the book down due to all of the amen-ing and head knodding), and I was going to e-mail you this very day to say: WHEN CAN I BLOG THIS?!?

I'm in for the tour.

And I'm totally brainstorming a place you can come speak in Minnesota. Would March be bad timing?

BizzieLizzie said...

Oh, yeah baby - I'm a TSG blogger and fan!! Would LOVE to read your new book and be a happy camper blogging about my read!

Count me in!!

Doin the Happy Dance with ya!!

You never cease to amaze me with your fun and frivolity and spreading the word of our Lord!

Dana said...

Hi Susana, i would love to read your book and blog about it. where is the best place to purchase it? Dana Lee Ramsey

Catrina Benham said...

Is there space for someone from the UK too please ? I'm a Pastors wife I love love love your book and blog ...and I have a blog

Amy Liz said...

I think I lost count of how many times I said, "This is sooo my life!" as I read through your first book. I laughed, cried...and laughed some more the whole way through. I (and my friends) have been anticipating the release of your second book. Can't wait to read it! :)


budmom said...

I read and blogged about the first book I enjoyed it so much. Sign me up! :-)

sister sheri said...

Yes, after underlining your entire first book... I think I would love to post about your book!

And I'm thinking for your next book... the title should have something to do with sweat glands or deodorant... hee hee!

If you're coming to the Portland, Oregon area... we'd love to have you!

Beth said...


Beth Ingersoll @

Erin said...
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Erin said...

I forgot to leave my email address so I deleted my previous comment, but I'll do it! I'll promote you in Canada! (I already do anyway!)

dawn said...

I'd love to read your book and blog about it!

Sharon Simon said...

I would love to blog about the book. Will e-mail you my address per your other blog posting.

JanaMac said...

Oh Sue, Of COURSE I want to read and blog about your book! I can't wait! Congratulations and blessings w/ this 2nd book. I love you dear friend!

This Beautiful Mess said...

I would also love to read the book - you're first one was amazing! Is it too late to get on board?

The Oswalds said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Oswalds said...

I would love to blog about your book too! Will email you. My blog...