Thursday, March 25, 2010

palm sunday is coming

I love Palm Sunday.
I don't know why. I just do.
Maybe it is because as a child we got to march around and yell and shout "Hosanna" at church and we weren't told to be quiet. That is a rare scenario.
Or maybe it was the fact that we threw caution to the wind and flung our coats on the ground in Sunday School when we were acting out preparing the way for the Jesus riding on a donkey part of the story and that was okay,too.
No one even yelled, "Pick up your jacket!" That was freedom, people.
This week in our preschool class, we were talking about Palm Sunday.
After reading the story of Palm Sunday at circle time, the children took turns being Jesus, riding on a donkey (perching on an desk chair), coming into Jerusalem (rolling across the circle time carpet) while everyone else yelled "Hosanna!" and waved frantic construction paper palm fronds they had cut out.
It was exciting. Even Teacher V and I had a turn pushing each other across the carpet.
I think I love Palm Sunday so much because it was one of those stories in the Bible where everyone got it right. The disciples. The entire crowd got in on the joy.
Jesus was recognized for who he was. The Son of God.
He was cheered and celebrated as he should be.
He was so fantastic they had to rip brances off of trees and pay homage.
And let out a few yells. They probably let loose with some hip-hip-hoorays.
It is something we can still do today. Because he hasn't changed.
Jesus and the reason he rode into Jerusalem is a part of who we are even now.
So go ahead, yell it out. HOSANNA!
Just give fair warning, lest you scare the children.

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Andrea said...

I loved reading your interpretation of palm Sunday...very refreshing and yes you are right...we should be letting loose with some HIP HIP HOORAYS..!!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I agree with Andrea...your interpretation of Palm Sunday is beautiful! I don't have fun memories of it like that, so I have a tendency to overlook it. But not this year! HOSANNA!!

Anna said...

Good Morning! I love your Palm Sunday interpretation, it is also one of my favorite days. I also wanted to tell you I am finished with "lie #2" in your new book (a member of the blog tour) and it is amazing. I feel like it's probing a bit deeper than the first book (which I also loved) and helping me to unearth and consider things I would not have before. It is amazing and I thank you! Blessings!

Rachel said...

I have always loved Palm Sunday too! When I was a kid our church always handed out palm fronds to everyone and we would wave them while singing worship to our Lord.

hi-d said...

I just came across your blog. How cool...(your Dad posted it on facebook - he has preached at our church in the past) so I thought I'd check it you out.

That's so funny that you mention the whole reenactment with Jesus riding in on a donkey, because I too was helping sub a couple weeks ago at our church's school and the kids did the same thing. They were fighting over taking turns. So sweet!

I'll be checking back again...nice to have met you. :)

p.s. Happy Palm Sunday!