Thursday, April 8, 2010

mblg blog tour day #3

This bloggy tour bus is rolling right on over to...
Stop #5: Tiny Wings
Leslie, who blogs over at Tiny Wings, made me cry a little when I was reading her post. In the midst of life and kids and the sorrow of recently losing her father-in-law, Larry, to cancer in March, Leslie still found time to share her thoughts and blog about what is going on in her heart. Her post about her tribe wiped me right out. Having married into a family of 9 siblings, she talks with love and humor about her in-law family. May God bless and keep Leslie and her tribe!
Stop #6: idon'tbelieveingrammar
Michelle, over at idon'tbelieveingrammar, starts off her review post with her own list of lies that she believes. My favorite lies that Michelle believes are "That my sons pants still fit (at least most 4 year olds don’t know what highwaters are" and that "That food doesn’t really get that dirty when dropped on the floor". Not that I want to encourage the lies...but they did make me laugh!
Thank you, Leslie and Michelle, for taking time to be a part of this tour!

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