Tuesday, April 13, 2010

next stops on the tour - 11....12....13

It has been fun getting to know some different tired supergirls and their bloggy lives. Todays blog tour stops are:
Stop #11: The Leaking Window
Sheri, over at The Leaking Window, has a really neat uplifting blog. I really love all the beautiful photography and especially the reference from her retreat Zephaniah 3:17....because that is one of my most favorite scriptures in the world.
Stop #12: One Day With SJ
Sara Jane, who blogs at One Day with SJ, and I are connected. I grew up with, her husband, Josh - our dads worked at the same Bible college. My brother shot him in the chin with a bb gun. It's a deep connection - people are tight when blood shed is involved. So even though we have never hung out, I know we could sit down and have a nice long chat over coffee. Besides, she has Brooke Fraser's Shadowfeet on her blog playlist - one of my all time favorite songs - a kindred spirit if there ever was one.
Stop #13: worth repeating
Amanda, at worth repeating, is a mom, a wife, a pastor and a mother of 3. She by far exceeds the definition of tired supergirl in my book. I love what she wrote about suffering, such good thoughts, because most of us have had our share and it is good to be pointed in the right direction when we are thinking about those parts of our lives.

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