Tuesday, June 8, 2010

summer-is-almost-here-let-the-good-reading-begin giveaway

We are limping through our last days of school here in the Aughtmon home.
The children's school uniforms are raggedy and unkempt.
Their attitudes seem to match.
It has finally stopped raining and really all we want to do is go outside and soak up the sun.
We are hoping to do a lot of swimming and sleeping in and of course some good reading.
I already have a list of books that I can't wait to get into.
The next Maisie Dobbs mystery.
The Distant Hours by Kate Morton, a new favorite author that my sister, Erica, discovered.
A re-read of The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag - book #2 in the Flavia De Luce series, it was so good the first time I need to read it again.
The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Prisoner's Dilemma,
the third in this children's fiction trilogy.
And I'm thinking of taking in some Frances Hodgson Burnett this summer,
The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, because they just feel summery to me.
As you can see there is not a whole lot of "real" going on in my reading choices this summer.
That is because sometimes a frivolous escape is exactly what you need on a lazy summer afternoon.
My friend, author Renee Riva, has offered up her scrumptious trilogy of books in a giveaway about our favorite girl AJ, that takes us on a winding path through her last childhood summer living on Indian Lake in Saving Sailor,

a momentous move to Italy with her crazy Italian American family in Taking Tuscany,

and back to Lake and the boy of her dreams in book number three, Heading Home.

Leave your favorite summer read in the comments for a chance to win these three paperbacks to stick in your beach bag.
Comments close Monday, June 14th @ 9:00 pm. Winner announced on Tuesday June 15.

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melpbaby said...

I think Elizabeth Berg is a fantastic summery author. She writes these amazing fictional books about women in their different stages of life. My favorites are The Pull of the Moon, and Never Change. Oprah seemed to like Open House the best and put it in her book club. :) Happy Summer!

Jen said...

The best fiction I've read in the several years was the Time Traveler's Wife. I haven't really read much fiction since, but it swept me away. These look like fun, though! Thanks for the chance to win!

danielle said...

I just read (in 2 days- hello bags under the eyes!) and LOVED "A Bride Most Begrudging" by Deeanne Gist- a great summer read- about a 1690's English Lady taken captive and sold as a "tabaco bride" in the Americas- it journals her life as a smart outspoken woman in a land of men. This is my first read by Gist but will most definitely not be my last! A great author and a Christian too!
I am also reading a John Orthberg book "The Me I Want to Be: Becoming God's Best Version of You"- sounds kinda lame, but is a REALLY good book. Its about being the unique person that God created each of us to be (hint: it may not look like all those "good Christians" we always compare ourselves to!). Very freeing and light enough that I would even consider it a "summer read". Happy reading!

Angel said...

I don't necessarily have a favorite summer read, but there is not much better than a day at the pool or beach with a good book!! I have never read anything from this author, but have read a few reviews and would love to add her to my list of favorite authors!!

Love and Blessings

Tiffany Harkleroad said...

My favorite summer read, as corny as this sounds, is Sense and Sensibility. I read it one summer on a trip with my parents, and to me, it is like taking a a weekend trip with an old friend.

tiffanyniekro at gmail dot com

canada6 said...

I just discovered the "Sullivan Crisp" series, by Nancy Rue and Steve Arterburn. I recently finished reading the first book, Healing Stones. It is a story about pain, healing and forgiveness. It is about God and second chances. I can't wait to get Healing Sand and Healing Water. If they are anything like the first one there may be some tears behind the sunglasses.

Lindsey said...

My friends and I read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants one summer, the movie was a stinker but the book was pretty great.

Katy W. said...

Jane Austin, CS Lewis, Stephen Lawhead...must I choose? I think the very act of reading is a necessity of summer!

BizzieLizzie said...

YES, summer reading is a necessity for sanity! School doesn't end here until 6/18 - I can HARDLY wait!

I would LOVE to win those 3 books!

I'm getting ready to jump right into Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert! This comes highly recommended! I cannot wait to escape!

Your give-a-ways are always so much fun Sue!

Rachel said...

My favorite summer read? Anything written by Susanna Foth Aughtmon! (Yes, I'll admit it, I'm a kiss up)

Dana said...

i like the idea of reading, i just struggle. it makes my brain work to hard to relax, unlike my husband that escapes nightly into his books over and over. i have discovered FRANCINE RIVERS and her MARK OF THE LION TRILOGY. it captivated me. I was thinking this giveaway would be nice fro my friend that has been in the hopital since april. happy reading, i am happy to see that my children have taken on the love of reading. our house is piles of books.we even have side tables that look like books.

ronda said...

My favorite reads whether it's summer or not are the series by Neta Jackson, The Yada Yada Prayer group and her new series, House of Hope. Her husband, Dave, has even written a companion novel to the House of Hope series, Harry Bentley's Second Chance, with more about the men in the series. I hope he writes more from the men's point of view.
Love to read books that I can't put down!

Tee said...

Hope I don't sound like another kiss up, but I did end up here because I bought your Jeans book last week and am totally loving it. I'm hoping this summer to read Blue Like Jazz,The Three Weismanns of Westport and Major Pettigrew's Last Stand (both recommendations from my blogging buddy Lisa at Hospitable Pursuits,) and your Bangs book.

Jennifer said...

I enjoy reading my Janet Evanovich novels about a miskempt, jersey girl, bounty hunter. They are always fun...

Mariel said...

I am currently readin "Out of Egypt" by Anne Rice about the year Jesus was 7. And I will soon be reading "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert for our neighborhood book club. I know it is not Christian (the "pray" is Hindu meditation, but it sounds interesting nonetheless!

I'd love to win your giveaway and have a few "Sure-fire" good reads ahead!! :)

Miss Brenda said...

We listened to Stephen Lawhead's 'Hood' on our way back from the Grand Canyon. My muddled mind thought it was 'Hook' as in Peter Pan rather than Robin Hood. I was several chapters in before I realized Tinker Bell would not be showing up.
The TSGs in WY meet tomorrow night. So looking forward to it.

gamergeekwife said...

Any book that does not require a highlighter. I graduated from college years ago, but still...
Just read your book, "My bangs look good and other lies I tell myself". I used it for my nightly devos .oh excuse me I think peeps refer to these as "quiet time" now:) Never quiet at my house:)
Keep writing!!!

Bonnie said...

I've been reading "Just Let Me Lie Down" by Kristin van Ogtrop...very funny book for the (as she puts it) "half insane working mom."

Rebecca said...

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers was my last read and while the content can be a bit heavy - the message is fantastic. Also a page turner for me - very easy to get through.

Pamela said...

I love a good mystery...Mary Higgins-Clark is light and engaging. I take my kids to the library each week in the summer and one year we happened upon a very good book, So B. It. Although not in the adult section, I found it to be a very good read. The three books you listed here sound delightful...they might be on my bookshelf this summer. :)

Erin McGraw said...

I pretty much love anything Nicholas Sparks for my beach reading. I basically grab his newest novel every summer. Thanks for the post, I hope to discover some new authors from all the comments.