Monday, July 19, 2010

farley's five and dime giveaway

Okay, listen to this blurb from the back cover copy of the new book Farley's Five and Dime:

Farley’s Five-and-Dime plops the reader into a fun, folksy, small town setting,
with a touch of romance, humor, and sweet southern charm.
Set in the small town of Hog Eye Holler, Kentucky, in the 1950’s.
Kids, and the young at heart alike, will enjoy meeting eleven-year-old Mazie May Farley; a cross between Pippi Longstocking and Caddie Woodlawn.
The high spirited, red-headed whirlwind who helps her family run the local Five-and–Dime, has her sights on the popular town hunk-a-hunk, Billy Ray Baxter.
In her comical, self-defeating schemes to snag Billy Ray away from Emma Jean Jacobs, Mazie is taken by surprise at the outcome of her high jinx attempts.
When Billy fails to fall for Mazie’s numerous attempts to get him to invite her to the long anticipated Sweetheart Waltz, she raises the stakes higher and higher. Chaos and calamity ensue.
The story ends on a note of sweet serendipity—but may not be exactly what Mazie was shooting for.
Sometimes life has a way of surprising us when we are busy making other plans.

Does that not sound like a fun all american summer book?
Mazie May sounds like my kind of girl...prone to chaos, poor planning and a romantic to boot.
My friend, Renee, wrote this book and is offering a copy here free as a giveaway.
So fun! Just leave your favorite memory of yourself as an 11 year old in the comments for a chance to win.
Comments close Sunday, July 25. Winner announced Monday, July 26.

And in case you just want to read it right now,as in 60 seconds from now on your kindle - the kindle edition is selling on Amazon for $2.99 - can you believe it?
Download away, tsgs! Nothing excites me like a bargain!

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Bets said...

The highlight of my eleventh year would have to be meeting my husband! Though he resembled Howdy Doody, I fell hard and fast for that face full of freckles and 8 years later married him! And now, my oldest daughter reminds me that's only one year older than she is now.... Oy vey.

Pamela said...

Memories...5th grade science project & making classmates eat garlic (hehe), blue terry cloth outfit (not necessarily the best memory), and backward skating to Michael Jackson's "Want to be Startin' Something". Now that was a good time...

Anna said...

I'm so excited that Renee has a new book. I have LOVED all of her others! Memories from being 11 include camping with my family in the summer and hearing Ernie Harwell broadcast the Tiger games over the radio!

Rebecca said...

At 11 my summers were filled with summer camping trips, fishing with my dad and lots of time outside. I wish there was more time for such carefree outdoor exploring in life as an adult!