Tuesday, August 17, 2010

let the vacation begin

After a very full last week that included great celebrating:
an adoption finalization for my nephew, Drew,
and a homegoing for my Grandma Foth - she lived 100 years and then went to be with Jesus,
and a Saturday wedding for my friend Lindsey,
we flew out Sunday morning for Colorado.
I can't explain to you the depth of tiredness that has seeped into my bones this past summer.
An underlying sense of "I'm not sure I will ever stop yawning" has seemed to encompass my life.
The business of work, child-rearing, writing, church planting, etc, not to mention the plethora of household chores, has seemed to keep true rest at bay.
But as we touched down at Denver airport and piled our suitcases into Dad's car,
my nerves started to steady, my heart rate went down and I began to breathe.
There is something about coming into my parents home that invites me to let out that big breath I have been holding in for, say, the past three months or so.
Scott is still snoozing even as I type. We are catching up on some much needed sleep.
We are allowing the calmness of this place to minister to our spirits.
(Thank you, Jesus, for big rounds and at least 50 new books to read!)
We are trying to leave the craziness of real life behind and just "be" for a few days.
We have big plans today...so far we are celebrating our niece, Chloe's, birthday and we are going swimming.
It seems like a lot, I know, but we are committed in the next 8 days to learn the
art of chill-axing.
What ever that entails.
I'm pretty sure it means there is a lot of ice cream is in our future.

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Patty Martin said...

I LOVE Big Rounds!! Beth taught me how to make them...but she makes them better than I do....they're WONDERFUL "comfort food" !
May the Lord give you a deeeeep rest, Sue, while you're at your parents' house.
Love from Patty

susanna said...

Thanks, Patty! So far, Mom has made them every morning for the boys! They are in Big Round heaven! :)