Friday, October 15, 2010

the house on malcolm street

So another book about the 1920's has found its way on my shelf.
And I have to say that this one had me riveted.
The House On Malcolm Street, by Leisha Kelly, follows the journey
of Leah Breckenridge, a single mom, who is trying to make her way
in the Depression after tragically losing her husband and small son.
Blinded by loss, she has to make a way to provide for
her young daughter Eliza and ends up arriving on the doorstep of
her late husband's aunt, Marigold.
The house on Malcolm Street.
Marigold opens her home and heart up wide to this struggling family.
Even though, Aunt Marigold and little Eliza believe that God has a plan,
Leah finds her heart is too broken and bitter to pray, to believe, to
hope, after so much loss in her own life.
Leisha has a way of weaving the story and characters that fully engages you and
makes you begin hoping for Leah, cheering her on as her life begins to change
and her heart begins to soften.
This is a great read and I recommend it to anyone who loves a story of hope
and redemption.

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