Monday, October 4, 2010

a memory between us

I'm always a sucker for a good World War 2 novel.
I just am. Fly boys and USO dances and swing music speak to me.
This story takes place in England at the height of the war in 1943.
Raids are being flown from England to try and weaken Germany's defenses.
Daily, soldiers are lost in the great campaign against the Nazi empire.
No one knows this better that Army Nurse Lieutenant Ruth Doherty
who is stationed at the army hospital in Suffolk.
There is a sense of urgency and tension that fills the spaces in
A Memory Between Us
by Sara Sundin, book two in her Wings of Glory series.
Ruth works as hard as she can to support her orphaned siblings back home determined not to lose herself in a relationship.
She meets her match in handsome pilot Jack Novack when she has to treat him for wounds he received in combat.
Ruth swears up and down she doesn't date but Jack is determined to win her over.
Slowly but surely he begins melt her heart.
They seem destined to be together until a memory from the past comes to light and threatens to ruin their foundling relationship, all the while the immediacy of war is a pulling them apart.
Sundin seems particularly talented at telling a compelling story while giving keen insight into the intricacies of flying and the goings on of mid-war Europe.
I found myself rooting for Jack and Ruth - that they would be able to overcome the odds both in love and war.
This is the perfect book to settle down on the couch with.
Don't forget your cup of tea while reading!

Available at all stores where Revell books are sold.

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