Friday, November 19, 2010

just keep baby Jesus safe...that's all I'm asking

At the preschool, we are getting ready for our yearly miracle.
That would be the miracle where we get 70 children up on stage
without bodily injury and where some of them actually sing.
The famed Christmas musical.
I have been up on stage in our pre-school musical for the last 3 years.
I have only been working there for a year.
The other two years I was on stage as an emotional support to my youngest son,
because Addison has a severe nervous breakdown
when anyone he doesn't know looks at him.
Looking out into an audience of paparazzi (parents and friends),
bright flashes and zooming video cameras, completely does him in psychologically.
Last year he ended up sobbing on the stairs of the stage clutching
his angel halo.
He has already told me that he plans on crying this year as well.
I just concentrate on the other children lest my head explode.
This past Thursday when we were going over the songs with the children,
I looked over at one of our more Dennis-the-Menace-type boys.
He has the best mischievious smile you have ever seen.
He was supposed to be cradling a pretend baby Jesus in his arms
while singing "Away in a Manger".
Instead his arms were flung up in the air, and he was flailing from side to side.
"Why are your arms up in the air?" I asked.
"You are supposed to be holding baby Jesus."
He flashed me his brilliant smile and said,"I rolled him."
To which I called out mid-song, "We don't roll the baby Jesus.
We hold him gently. GENTLY." I said this not so gently.
So it is looking to be another fantastic Christmas musical.
One child promises to be in hysterics...
another child is planning on bowling with the infant saviour.
Glory to God in the highest. Peace on Earth.
Goodwill towards men....
(and teachers everywhere who are practicing for their musical miracles.)


Belle said...

Great post. May God help you with the program.

Mariel said...

hahaha...very cute, at least a tough christmas program is sure o prove many funny blog posts!! (just trying to look at the bright side :) )

Dana said...

maybe grandpa foth could talk to him and encourage him. i am sure your dad had some jitters as the boy who stuttered... and look where God has used him, through God's strength we glorify Him.