Friday, December 3, 2010

on the third day of christmas tosha zwanziger gave to me....

A brand new Pages CD.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the music...
I am partial to Harry Connick Jr. and James Taylor come Christmas season.
But this Christmas season, I have been listening to a new album.
Pages by Tosha Zwanziger,
from the Father's House in Vacaville, California.
And while her songs may not be Christmas season songs,
the message of her album encapsulates the heart of Christmas.
My friend, Denise, sent me a copy to listen to.
Tosha (I love her voice...reminds a little of my favorite, Sara Groves)
has dedicated all the proceeds of this album
to benefit ministries dealing with human trafficking.
This issue is close to my own heart
as I have been talking about Project Rescuewhen I go and speak to women's groups.
The whole reason for Jesus coming all those long years ago was for our
freedom, spiritual, emotional and physical.
The thought that so many women and children today are in captivity even
now as I type, it mind shattering and heart breaking...
and is all the more reason to give thanks that the God who loves and made
us is still working in us, his people, to make wrongs right and show
the great and good love that he has for us.
So Tosha has graciously given 3 CDs to be given away
here on the blog.
So take a listen and put your name in the comments.
Earn an extra entry by posting a link to the blog on FB or tweeting about it and
mention that in the comments, too.
Winner announced Tuesday, December 7.
But even better, go download a song or 10 from Amazon or I Tunes or
her site and help be a part of making human trafficking go away.
Because its Christmas and I'm thinking that's a pretty great way
to celebrate Jesus birthday!

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Patty Martin said...

As a worship leader myself, I've always asked God to use me however He chooses and whenever He chooses.
It's SO refreshing to see someone like Tosha using her musical ministry gift to help others in NEED....thanks for the opportunity for me to learn about her and her work here in your blog, Sue!
Love from Patty

Pamela said...

Beautiful music! Thanks for sharing!!

Jenn said...

Pretty music - plus what a great cause!

Danielle said...

Fabulous! Thank you for sharing this!

BelleAtHeart said...

Ok, if I don't win this it's definitely going on my Christmas wish list! Thanks for sharing.

BelleAtHeart said...

and posted to fb ;)

Rachel said...

I would love a new CD! I pretty much have a daily worship session in my car as I'm driving about.

Anna said...

What an amazing CD!! Thanks so much for sharing it!

***** April J. Jones said...

What a great is definitely something that is close to the father's heart. Thanks for sharing!

***** April J. Jones said...

I posted on fb too!

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing! Hoping to win a copy ;-) I posted to FB too ;-)

Randi said...

Hope I'm not too late! I love music to listen to while getting ready for Christmas.