Thursday, December 16, 2010

people play sports at my house now

So Jack has started playing basketball.
Which means that I have become a mini-van mom,
cruising the streets of Redwood City to practices and games.
Up until this time I have escaped sporting events with my boys.
They just weren't interested.
But I think this season is a harbinger of things to come.
I have 3 can do the math.
And I have decided that if I am going to be driving in my van every
afternoon for hours on end that it needs to smell better.
I currently have 4 air fresheners in the van.
It is not enough. Sometimes I just hold one in my hand while I drive.
This is a time of adjustment for me and my van.
I didn't realize that once I started driving to activities that I would
spend more time with the van than I do with my husband.
I am also going to have to become accustomed to being a sideline mom.
The last basketball experiences I can pull from came from taking stats
for my college basketball team. (Stat know who you are.)
And I did a lot of yelling on the team's behalf.
I got involved. I said things like,
"Come on, you guys!" and "You can do it!"
But I am going to have to pull back when it comes to cheering for Jack.
It makes him skittish like a young colt.
He is experiencing "new legs" sports-wise and the screeching of his name
from the bleachers does not seem to encourage him.
During the first game his friend the ball passed to him
and I knew he didn't see it coming.
I yelled his name, "JACK!"
which caused him to lose focus and get hit with the ball in the head.
I'm sure his coach was thrilled.
After the game Jack said,
"Mom, don't yell my name. It was like High School Musical.
When the girl yelled at Troy. It was embarrassing."
God forbid that I remind Jack of High School Musical.
(W-I-L-D! Wildcats!)
I have also decided when the team is doing poorly that I need to
refrain from yelling out, "Jesus, help them!"
Even though I am really hoping that he will.
I got a few weird looks from some fellow moms when I called out to
the Lord during a full court press.
So its a new and otherwise.
So I'm learning to keep my cheering generic and my prayers in my heart.
Live and learn, tsgs. Live and learn.

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