Monday, January 24, 2011

i have started noticing things about my eyes

So I think the skin over my eyelids is lowering by the minute.
I'm not sure why. Maybe it's tired of holding itself up so nicely.
This lowering continues on into the corners of my eyes when I
smile and is creating a flap that I think I could maybe hide
a small stash of glitter in.
Which could be exciting if it released some sparkle each time
I smiled but I would probably get some under my contacts which
is excruciating so I would prefer if that skin could stay where it is...flapless.
I want to tell this upper eyelid skin...Don't give up!
Hold on! Stand up straight!
But I think maybe it is trying to travel down so it can
make friends with the dark circles under my eyes.
So this is my question. Clearly, it is a battle to be waged.
The don't-do-this-to-me-eyes-we've-been-such-good-friends battle.
I need your help, tsgs.
Any magic elixir, beauty potion or face regimes
out there that you can share with a sister?
Clearly, cleanser, oil of olay
and drinking water are not enough.
What do you use on your face, your eyes, your under eyecircles,
to keep yourself looking fresh and un-droopified?
A girl needs to know.


Jekissa said...

I have the same issues! Unfortunately the only remedy that I have found to actually work must be administered by a doctor with a needle. And then it only lasts for 4 or 5 months. But, WOW is it amazing while it lasts!

Beth said...

Oh my, TSG!!!! You crack me up.

Pamela said...

Okay, so my FAVORITE eye product is by Dreamous Corp and it is call TimeEraser Reviving Eye Gel. It is like that lip gloss with plumping "stuff", but for the eyes! Love it! I use it in the am when I get ready and when I freshen up in the afternoon before my hubby comes home. You can look it up online. It is $24.95, but they often have "special deals" and I stock up then. I also use Sonia Kashuk's moisturizing eye concealer that can be purchased at one of my favorite stores...Target! It is about $6.99. Works wonders to cover dark circles. Look alive!

susanna said...

Okay, Pamela! I'm totally checking those out! :)

Anonymous said...

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