Saturday, January 8, 2011

a note to the future wives of my sons

Dear future wives of my sons-
I need to tell you about the struggles that I am encountering
in getting these boys to take ownership of their mess, their rooms,
and the general trail of toys they leave around the house.
I am trying to involve the children in the clean up and organization
of the house training them up in the way they should go.
And also because, I know that years from now you will be saying to
Didn't their mother teach them how to clean up after themselves?
You should know that I have been working at it for years.
But I am not sure it is taking.
Just know that I am on them like white on rice
(Pick up your socks! Put your dishes away! Is the hamper invisible to you?)
and it will not be for lack of trying on my part
if their slovenly ways continue into adulthood.
I'm not sure but I think a couple of my boys are headed for
that show Hoarders.
Do we really need to keep all the gum wrappers from last year
under your bed?

And why are there 4 trees worth of paper shoved under the trash can?
Can you try and put them in the trash can
instead of decorating the floor with them?

Or there is the fact that I keep finding science experiments popping
up in their lunch boxes, in desk drawers and in cup holders in the car.
When they hear me say,
"What was this before it started growing?"
They know they are going to lose out on computer time for days.
So future wives of my sons, know this.
They really are such good boys.
They love Jesus and give good hugs.
They are learning to be kind and considerate
and to keep potty talk to a minimum.
But on the off chance that things don't improve in the cleaning arena
even when they come of age,
I promise to pay for a house cleaning service to come to your house
on your birthday.
It's the least I can do.


Jen said...

This is awesome! I am a mom of 3 boys and will be keeping this letter to give my future daughter's in law as well.

Lora said...

Yes -- need to plan on paying for a cleaning myself!

Randi said...

I wish my MIL had made that promise to me!

April Janet Jones said...

I have heard that it doesn't change anytime before they leave home. Some of my friends have actually followed through on their threat to bag their teen/young adults' entire room into large black garbage bags, place the bags on the curb and simply inform their offspring. The crazy thing is, my eldest daughter is worse than my three sons!